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Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Services and Payroll Solutions Provider in Over 40 African Countries.

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Providing The Best Employment and Payroll Outsourcing Solutions for All

  • We onboard the contract workers you need for your special projects in Africa
  • Add contractors anywhere in  Africa, quickly and easily
  • From employing your workers anywhere in Africa to providing complete payroll solutions to your local entity, we do it all at competitive rates and an easy onboarding process
  • Simplify your HR Operations in Africa
  • Flexible solutions for your business needs in Africa
  • Your complete HR outsourcing partner in Africa

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Pursuing the humanitarian dream

Leaving everything behind is probably the most difficult decision any individuals should take, particularly when one is leaving for a humanitarian mission in Africa. A volunteerism assignment is often considered as the perfect move for the ideal reason however,...
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Tout quitter pour l’humanitaire !

Je quitte tout pour vivre une aventure humanitaire en Afrique ! Quelle belle initiative… sauf que s’investir dans l’humanitaire, c’est une mission et un choix de vie. Il est important de se dire qu’on ne sauvera point le monde et que c’est loin d’être une partie de...
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Trucking and Haulage – A promising market for Africa

Trucking and haulage is a huge market opportunity in Africa, with an outstanding import growth showing the development of Africa’s consumption. Starting from raw materials used for the manufacturing industry, petroleum expenditures, industrial equipment, vehicles...
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Learn to be a payroll professional

Being a skilled payroll professional means that you need to know how to sustain any business compliance. Being up-to-date with the latest regulations and procedures forms part of the payroll duties. Moreover, a payroll specialist needs to perform payroll and to manage...
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Technologie, ONG et Productivité

La sphère technologique en Afrique prend de la marge, se développant à une vitesse surprenante et même impressionnante. Depuis quelques années, l’Afrique nous montre son nouveau visage ; plus moderne certes mais a l’écoute des marchés, des investisseurs étrangers et...
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What We Do

We are a Mauritian-based company that aims to provide companies with the best payroll solution for all employees across the African continent. Being a major player in the African market, we provide our clients with a Professional Employment Outsourcing (PEO) service which allows us to simplify human resources, payroll and administration processes. Starting from integrated payroll and benefits to administrative support, we take charge of your human resources. We simplify your operations in Africa. Each of our services in the Professional Employment Outsourcing (PEO) can be specialized to your individual needs. We will ensure that we can provide the tailored solution you deserve.

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  • Single solution for all your African HR requirements,
  • One central point of contact for all your queries,
  • Centralising of payroll function,
  • Flexible on-call queries and reports when required,
  • Full compliance with local legislation,
  • Up to date statutory changes through multiple sources,
  • Team dedicated to quality and flexible service to meet your requirements
  • Professional indemnity and employer liability insurances


Each of our services can be specialized to your individual needs and Africa HR Solutions will ensure that we can provide the tailored solution you deserve.


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