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Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Services and Payroll Solutions Provider in Over 40 African Countries.

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Providing The Best Employment and Payroll Outsourcing Solutions for All

  • We onboard the contract workers you need for your special projects in Africa
  • We can add your contractors anywhere in Africa, quickly and easily
  • From employing your workers anywhere in Africa to providing complete payroll solutions to your local entity, we do it all at competitive rates and an easy onboarding process
  • We simplify your HR Operations in Africa
  • We offer flexible solutions for your business needs in Africa
  • We are your complete HR outsourcing partner in Africa

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Africa HR Solutions values employment relationships in Africa

Firmly implemented as the preferred Professional Employment Outsourcing specialist throughout Africa, Africa HR Solutions Ltd is the payroll and employment expert, taking care of employment and human resources practices daily. Africa HR Solutions values employment...
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The perks of African business

Africa HR Solutions Ltd has worked for a few years now to footprint several African industries namely the mining, oil and gas, finance, agriculture, engineering, telecommunications and humanitarian sectors to reflect on the vast progress made mainland. As a payroll...
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Get the right business attitude

Your attitude defines who you are and determines your direction. Unlikely in business, your attitude attracts your customers, boost your work performance and enhance the relationships around you. Scientifically proven, you can own the best training skills in the world...
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Immigration processes to Mozambique

If you’re travelling or moving to Mozambique, take our advice. You are required to obtain a work visa. However, work permits are only delivered when the employer can prove that the job role cannot be occupied by any suitable Mozambican candidates. Expatriates are...
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Africa HR Solutions Ltd first time exhibition in Dubai

Africa HR Solutions Ltd has been proudly been exhibiting its very first DIHAD (Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development Conference & Exhibition). A unique event which took place the 21 – 23 March 2017 at the Dubai International Convention &...
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What We Do

Africa HR Solutions Ltd is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) company based in Mauritius that aims to provide its Clients with the best employment and payroll outsourcing solutions for all employees across the African continent. Being a major player in the African market, we provide our clients with professional Employment Outsourcing services which allows us to simplify human resources, payroll and administration processes. Starting from integrated payroll and benefits to administrative support, we take charge of your human resources. We simplify your operations in Africa. Each of our Employment Outsourcing services can be specialized to your individual needs. We will ensure that we can provide the tailored solution you deserve.

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  • Single solution for all your African HR requirements,
  • One central point of contact for all your queries,
  • Centralising of payroll function,
  • Flexible on-call queries and reports when required,
  • Full compliance with local legislation,
  • Up to date statutory changes through multiple sources,
  • Team dedicated to quality and flexible service to meet your requirements
  • Professional indemnity and employer liability insurances


Each of our services can be specialized to your individual needs and Africa HR Solutions will ensure that we can provide the tailored solution you deserve.

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