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New trends, new markets; this is what the dark continent is now optimising for. Starting from Real Estate properties, commercial properties to multinational implemented companies, Africa is a new bound for business. Today, Africa teases the best of the best companies in the world, creating a boom in several industries: mining, engineering, oil & gas, finance, agriculture, IT and technology and more. The rise in the population is also of a major factor and an issue. A high demand in better infrastructures, schools, housing supplies, shopping malls and retail properties are being asked. Thus, creating several opportunities for local and international investors to inquire further into the subject.

In regards to this rise of development, the Real Estate industry fixtures in the Top African demands. Africa HR Solutions has selected 6 African countries which proves the effectiveness of this industry and the greatest investments opportunities which exists:

  1. Mozambique

Mozambique reflects how far the Real Estate industry has gone. The offshore natural gas has been a key factor to this country, now the second fastest growing economy in Africa. Of a middle-income country, the Mozambique landscape has now changed, particularly Maputo, capital city shows that the Real Estate prices has dropped, making a possibility for offices premises, banks, hospitals and for good quality properties to irrupt. The Mozambican government plans to strongly invest in the country’s industry and manufacturing markets in order to boost Real Estate companies to emerge.

  1. South Africa

The South African estate market has remained strong, despite challenging the macroeconomic conditions. A rise in the demand of affordable housing properties has been engaged. “New city” projects have also been unveiled last year which have kept this industry stable. South Africa has had a strong growth. A rising interest in real estate investments have led to a steady population growth and plans for new infrastructures to develop.

  1. Angola

Angola’s real estate industry has only very recently begun to tease the international investment interest. With one of the highest rates of population growth in Africa the demand in this particular sector is enormous. International firms which are majorly Brazilian and Portuguese companies, are leading organisations in construction and real estate projects mostly focusing on Luanda. High-quality projects such as the Luanda Sky Centre are highlights the city’s top view with new buildings and gantries dominating the city.

  1. Nigeria

In the past few years the Nigerian real estate industry has expanded rapidly and consequently. The rising income has fueled the capita’s income, creating and building-up fast urbanizations with strong corporate demands. Luxury residential markets which have been for long a key revenue for investors in Nigeria has always been largely driven by the booming oil and gas, financial and technology sectors. Retail properties is also one of the major sectors of Nigeria which accounts as Africa’s leading destination for retailing.

  1. Egypt

Egypt is among the top largest economies of Africa with Cairo, Alexandria and Giza as major cities. With the help of the retailing market, it is the key-industry of the country. The presence of significant amount of offices spaces are slowly re-emerging and proves the affordability of the rents. The industrial and residential industry are likewise in a similar situation with reasonable prices tempting local and international investors. Compared to other African cities, Egypt’s rents are cheap.

  1. Kenya

The growth in the real estate sector has been heavily driven by governmental investments in infrastructures. The real estate industry has taken advantage on a positive progression, with the Real Estate values which have grown all over the country. Nairobi for example has gained outstanding price rises, thus, making big profits involved in properties industries.

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