An employer of record provider can considerably help a business, regardless of its size. In general, an EoR will enhance the productivity of your business by handling different resource intensive aspects, such as employee onboarding, employee benefits and payroll functions. Even more important; a good EoR service provider will make your business compliant with local laws and legislation. 

Here is a brief rundown on the services an employer of record provides your employees:

  • Represents your employee for all tax purposes
  • Processes their payroll
  • Sets up direct deposit and is responsible for forwarding any debits that come directly out of their paycheck
  • Handles tax deposits and filing
  • Offers, processes, and holds their employment contracts at all times
  • Handles unemployment claims and workers compensation claims
  • Communicates directly with your employees about their benefit package options
  • Fields all employee complaints in hopes of finding a positive resolution

It is good to note that there are liabilities your employer of record service accept when taking on a client.

Liabilities your EOR accepts with a signed contract

  • The EOR becomes your worker’s legal employer.
  • The EOR covers that worker under their insurance policy.
  • The EOR maintains compliance with all mandated regulations connected to that worker: including all types of insurances
  • The EOR maintains its business registration in all states, at all times..
  • In the event of termination of an employee is necessary, your EOR handles it.

If you feel your company could optimize its productivity, you should consider a trusted employer of record service provider. This can greatly help you focus on your core business, while your EoR handles the rest.

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