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“Some travel to see the difference, some travel to make the difference” – International Volunteer HQ

Africa is the second largest continent of the world and where contradiction lies. So many issues yet so many positive facets. Covering some million kilometers of the Earth mainland, it is home to more than 900 million of individuals, generating the richest natural resources of the planet with the wealthiest diversity of cultures. So many languages, beliefs, myths, landscapes and minerals accessible on this breath-taking land. However, despite the wealth, the African population remains poor and still undeveloped in so many industries.  Drought, insecurity, sanitation and even education issues all lies. What is the role of NGOs regarding these concerns? What is the progress? and what can we expect from them in the future?

The NGO sector plays an important role in the dark continent and is often portrayed as an act of charity regarding those in needs. In fact, this act of voluntarism generates funds and ensures the social services to have a profound impact on the defenseless African population on the development of the continent. It is without any doubt that NGOs that over the last few years taken the lead in the African growth, generating employment, economy benefits and growth of social infrastructures. NGOs are today integral parts of Africa.

Greatest achievements of NGOs:

  • Food Security

Agriculture is one of the leading industries in Africa part and an integral part of Africa’s growth. From domestic consumption to exports and imports, the agronomic sector has been an important influential factor contributing to health progress. NGO’s have been provided by worldwide donors to support food security.

  • Health

The health sector has highlighted so many challenges the previous years and made efforts from out of this world to provide health effectiveness. Most parts of the Sub-Saharan Africa have made healthcare progress, attracting international workers and specialists to contribute in this daily development even though the Ebola epidemic whose been a challenge for NGOs as health infrastructures were lacking. Today, a number of NGOs are active and slowly but surely improving the health conditions.

  • Water Supplies

Water supplies in Africa have progressively improved over the past years even though the continent still remains behind developing countries. The access to improved water supplies have increased as well as water sanitation, majorly financed by NGOs.

  • Education

Education is African have dramatically improved. NGOs have partnered with several education infrastructures to contribute financially, materially and to deliver various educational programs to children in Africa.

  • Infrastructures

Emerging Infrastructure funds are arising, providing long-terms finance for the construction and development of private and public infrastructures in Africa but mainly in the Sub-Saharan part. Their goals for the next years:

  • Promoting the economic development and lowering poverty
  • Enhancing the water and sanitation supplies
  • Promoting social and cultural sights

Building the future

Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration!  NGOs have the world at their feet, as today more and more individuals are trying to get a toehold in this industry however, there are significant challenges in the NGO sector that need to be addressed.  For example, we have come across many organizations which try to sustain themselves and lacks funds. Protecting human rights and environmental issues are major concerns which gets a hold on more and more people to the point of overcoming new challenges and some of the African instability; finding new partners such as private sectors will be needed.

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