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Looking For A Tailor-Made HR and Payroll Solution for Your Business in Chad?


What Should An Expat Know About Visas in Chad?

Visa, work & residence permits

Both visa and work permits are required by anyone entering Chad with the intention to work.

  • Africa HR Solutions Ltd through a network of local partners, is able to offer the Contractor a global immigration solution including:
  • Business Visa: If a business visa is required, Africa HR Solutions Ltd is able to issue a LOI (Letter of Invitation) to invite the Contractor in Chad the application for the business visa must be made at the embassy of the Contractor’s home country.
  • If this is not possible (no embassy) we are able to make the application in Chad.
  • It is best to apply for a 6-month visa so as to allow plenty of time to make the work permit application.
  • Note that the Contractor can work with his business visa during the work permit application.
  • The timescale for the business visa is about 4 weeks.

In-country services

  • Africa HR Solutions Ltd can provide the contractor with a lot of “in-country” services such as assistance in opening a bank account, in finding an accommodation, car hire, driving license conversion, local mobile phone.
  • Africa HR Solutions Ltd can also arrange for the contractor a medical and repatriation insurance.
  • The insurance is very flexible and the cover will depend on the requirements of the contractor, and the family.

Here at Africa HR, we offer a Professional Employment Outsourcing (PEO) facility. We provide businesses with wide range of human-resources services which includes:

  • Salary Surveys
  • Human Resources Management
  • Payroll Administration and processing
  • Safety Programs
  • Recruiting and Outplacement support
  • Government Compliance
If the expat life is meant for you, a lucky and wild experience awaits you which Africa HR Solutions cherish.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

  • $29.5 billion
  • 9% growth
  • 0% 5-year annual growth
  • $2,617 per capita

Unemployment Rate: 7.0%

Global Ranking in Economy Progress 2016: 164th


N’Djamena is the official capital city of Chad. It is by far the country’s largest city. It borders Cameroon and is located near the Chari and Logone rivers. N’Djamena is in the center of cotton-growing, financial and administrative institutions, religious sites and education establishments. It is one of the African cities who’s growing rapidly with a number of projects in progress.


Central African CFA franc


French and Arabic are the official languages in the country. There are also around 100 other languages which are widely spoken in the country.  Although French is the language of education and politics, Arabic is the language of commerce and media.


Chad’s economy is mainly agronomic. Most of the local population are engaged in subsistence farming and animal herding, producing food majorly for their own consumption. Chad’s economy depends on 3 supplies: cotton production, cattle breeding, and on a special African tree called gum for its export incomes. However, for the past 30 years, Chad’s economy has been slowed down by some political issues but Chad’s expansion has also caught up high energy and transportation costs due in part to its geographic location. The oil industry offers the opportunity to the country to diversify the economy and project in a further growth.

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