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When, under an employment outsourcing solution, you need the expertise of expatriate workers in the country of assignment, Africa HR Solutions can facilitate the immigration formalities.

Each African country has specific requirements for issuing a visa and work permit. Depending on the nationality, the duration of stay and even the industry, the expatriate worker will be subject to different requirements, complexities and applicable legislation.

From the letter of invitation to enter the country to the supply of work permit, our dedicated local team will sponsor and assist the expatriate in all the different steps with the local immigration authorities.

Do you need Visa and Work Permit assistance for your employees in Africa?

Even if we cannot guarantee the positive outcome of the application as the final decision is at the discretion of the local Authority, Africa HR Solutions will strive to ensure that all paperwork is completed timely and accurately, and that the entire process is done in accordance with the local legislation to reduce the risks of denial.