Africa was the fastest growing continent in 2016. However, despite the progress made, Africa still lags and suffers in quite a lot of sectors. The good news is the help of many Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), non-profits and volunteering programs, which play significant roles in the good progress of the continent. Often portrayed as an act of charity regarding those in need, this act of volunteerism generates funds and ensures social services to have a profound impact on the defenseless African population.

It is without any doubt that NGOs have taken the lead over the last few years regarding Africa’s employment, economic benefits and growth of social infrastructures. NGOs today are integral parts of Africa.

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"volunteerism generates funds and ensures social services to have a profound impact on the defenseless African population."

"The African continent is the dream platform for all those privileging and supporting causes."

Greatest achievements of NGOs

  • Food Security

NGO’s have been provided by worldwide donors to support food security as well as a contribution to health progress.

  • Health

Today, many of NGOs are active and slowly but surely improving the health conditions by attracting international workers and specialists from all over the world.

  • Water Supplies

Water supplies majorly financed by NGOs have increased as well as water sanitation.

  • Education

NGOs have partnered with several education infrastructures to contribute financially, materially and to deliver various educational programs to children in Africa.

  • Infrastructures

NGOs have provided long-terms finance for the construction and development of private and public infrastructures in Africa

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