Salary SUrveys in Indian Ocean

Employers must offer competitive total remuneration packages to attract, retain and motivate staff.  The only way to ensure your package is competitive is to rely on market data provided by reliable suppliers.

Birches Group offers HR solutions for developing markets throughout the African continent and globally in a total of 155 countries. The company conducts in-depth compensation and benefits surveys that take the pulse of global labour markets.

Surveys are updated three times a year, ensuring results reflect the dynamic pace of market activity in Africa. Birches Group specialists use personal interviews to establish job comparisons, going beyond simple functional and title comparison to include an examination of the structural context. This provides a true assessment of comparability.

The Birches Group survey provides in-depth details about base salary, plus all cash payments and benefits in-kind on offer.  It is the only survey that provides this level of granularity with regards to total remuneration.

Unlike other surveys, Birches Group uses a combination of actual incumbent data together with salary structure data to provide a rich and meaningful way to understand market trends.  The combination of structural data and incumbent values is referred to as the “Market Footprint.” Reports can be prepared for any job in any African market.