Umbrella Solutions

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An umbrella company is a company that acts as an employer to contractors who usually work under a fixed term contract assignment.

We process the timesheets received from the employee/contractor for the work completed for the Client, we provide payroll to the employee/ contractor and then we issue an invoice to the client for payment.

An umbrella company offers a safe, simple and totally compliant employment solution for individuals who either elect not to or who are prohibited from working from their own companies.

Do you need umbrella solutions for your business in Africa?

The client is effectively the company for whom the contractor works. The client often elect to use contractors as it affords them the ability to temporarily augment their staff or capability without the burden of the legal requirements associated with permanent employees. Using contractors also facilitates special skills and typically provides the advantage of a broader skill set as the contractor has typically worked many companies and organizations during prior contracts.

We can provide an umbrella service that is tailored for the unique Africa market and that is of an equivalent of higher quality and professionalism as competitors who have been operating for many years in the more established international markets.

For the company utilising the services of the contractor, the umbrella company is able to facilitate the statutory deductions and the payment of applicable taxes in the country where the contractor is working, whilst ensuring the contractor payment is structured effectively.

For this service the cost will be negotiated according to client requirements and scope of work.