Situated in the Central Western Africa, Cameroon population turns around 19 million inhabitants. Its unique culture brought by the rich mix of expats with the European influences of the Portuguese, the French and the British,  makes of this country a fascinating one.

The cities located in Cameroon are in constant growth and are home to many International oil companies whose employees are made up from a large part of expatriates. Those metropolitans are slowly and surely modernizing the country’s cultures which makes locals soak in the European style day by day. These new styles are today affluent within the population.


The republic of Cameroon is a pluriparty democracy which is powered by the President as Head of State. Presidential elections take place every 7 months.

The largest speaking-language is: French


The economy of Cameroon lies majorly on Agriculture and assures the production of bananas, cocoa, coffee, cotton and tobacco with an account approaching a half of the gross domestic products. Oil and gas reserves also contribute as a major revenue earner, making the Petroleum sector a major export.

Climate in Cameroon

The climate varies accordingly. Yaoundé and Douala which are the principal cities of Cameroon are both situated in the southern part of the country. They both have 3 differentiable seasons: a long dry season from November to February, a light rainy season from March to June, and heavy rainfall, humidity hovers around 80 percent most of the year. Yaoundé due East of Douala on the central plateau region is slightly cooler and less muggy. The northern part of Cameroon is drier and generally more pleasant.

Getting Ready to go!

Expats planning to take up temporary residence to work in Cameroon must apply to the immigration authorities, through their sponsoring firm in Cameroon for residence and work permit is issued, along with the officials of your company who are responsible for making this application.
When living in Cameroon, be sure to carry your residence permit or receipt of application which last for 90 days until your permit is issued, along with your passport and other proofs of identity.

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