Expat tips before moving to Cape Verde

Make your expat journey in Cape Verde a thriving experience

Cape Verde, officially known as the Republic of Cabo Verde is an island in the Atlantic Ocean where expats settle to enjoy a positive and pleasant life around splendid beaches, breath-taking landscapes, valleys, green botany and an animal wildlife worth seeing.

Praia is the capital city of the island offering good housing facilities as well as job openings in various areas of expertise. The Cape Verde Islands have become more popular among the British, Irish and European tourists’ travelers who are likely to travel directly to Cape Verde. The main spoken languages there are Portuguese, creole and English. It is as well home to the commercial, tourism and fishing activities of the island. Praia attracts many of investments and some facilities to some touristic attractions.

Visa facilities and requirements for US and European citizens are not stringent however the applicant must hold a valid passport and a choice between a 90 day and 1 year visa.
Cape Verde is also promising when it comes to healthcare as compared to the rest of Africa, there are no specific vaccinations required.

Individual taxation

The population of Cape Verde are taxed on their individual income even though the tax law is ambiguous as to whether international or local laws apply in the islands,

Depending if the house ruler is a local resident, the other members of the family are also considered as residents when concerning tax purposes.

Income tax

It exists 4 categories of income:

Category A – income from permanent properties

Category B – Commercial and business income

Category C – Investment income

Category D – Home earnings Income

Why do we love Cape Verde?

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