How you can do business in Africa without having a registered company?


How we help you do business in Africa without having a registered company? It’s revolutionary, but it’s now possible to do business in Africa without having a physical company. Africa HR solutions offers complete Employer of record and payroll solutions for your business needs in Africa. Africa HR solutions is a Professional PEO Organization offering […]

Africa HR Solutions comes to Brussels @ the 2017 AidEx Event


Africa HR is proud to be a part of the 7th Annual AidEx expo in Brussels for 2 full days. AidEx is the leading European based platform for humanitarian aid and human development and is a unique, world-renowned event that works hard to genuinely improve the situation on the ground. Their aim is to bring the […]

Africa HR Solutions exhibits at Mozambique Gas Summit & Exhibition

mozambique gas summit

Invitation to all the Oil and Gas professionals, Africa HR Solutions Ltd is overwhelmed to announce its participation for a three day exhibition at the Mozambique Gas Summit & Exhibition as from October 18th – 20th 2017. Known as the largest energy exhibition in Africa, Africa HR Solutions Ltd will be surrounded by high-profile industry […]

Discover how Africa HR can help you expand your business in Africa

africa hr solutions

WHO WE ARE Africa HR Solutions Ltd is the number 1 Professional Employer Organization (PEO) company in Africa that aims to provide its clients with the best employment and payroll outsourcing solutions across the continent. Based in Mauritius, but working for you in over 50 African countries. How we make doing business in Africa easier for you Africa […]

The beauty of Accra, Ghana

africa hr solutions

In addition to being the beating heart if this inspiring country for roughly 20% of Ghana’s 20 million total population. Accra is Ghana’s capital city. This inspiring city will drive visitors and expats to a cosmopolitan and cultured urban areas with good shopping outlets, full ranges of restaurants, beach bars along with an excellent Ghanaian […]

Africa – Transition to a green economy

africa hr solutions

African economies have evolved quite fast these last few years and several industries in the African market have continued to make spectacular progress within all kinds of sectors. With particular emphasis on the Sub-Saharan regions despite the modern transformation and opportunities available for these regions to develop, some African countries still live in extreme poverty […]

Africa – Market your business like a pro

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Finding the right customers for your business in Africa is a sluggish process and for anyone who runs a corporate, the question about how to market is the principal concern. If you didn’t know, the heart of your business lies in its marketing. If you wish your business to flourish, your products and services must […]

The most developed African Cities

Most developed cities in Africa

If you thought Africa was underdeveloped, this list will without a doubt change your mind. Africa HR Solutions highlighted 8 of the most developed and beautiful cities in Africa. Either it’s for business, holidays or for relocation purposes, these cities are worth to visit. Abidjan, Ivory Coast Despite the hard times the country faced for […]

Agriculture, the secret for eradicating poverty

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Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is the protection of fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life.  -Nelson Mandela Agriculture is the most important industry of the African economy, contributing as a major source of income for Africa. Considered as a priority to fight against poverty, African agriculture […]

Ensuring food security in Africa

food security

The Agricultural industry forms part of the essentials of the African development and survival as it accounts as the main economic influence and employs most locals; particularly farmers who represents more than 60% of Africans. Today, the main priority is to fight against several challenges namely, poverty, climate change and to continue the progress in […]