The beauty of Accra, Ghana

In addition to being the beating heart if this inspiring country for roughly 20% of Ghana’s 20 million total population. Accra is Ghana’s capital city. This inspiring city will drive visitors and expats to a cosmopolitan and cultured urban areas with good shopping outlets, full ranges of restaurants, beach bars along with an excellent Ghanaian nightlife experience. Accra has become a leisure destination of choice for the upper classes.  Accra may not have the best city sights of the continent but the beauty and diversity present is priceless. Step into the past as you visit Accra. A memorable souvenir for adventurers.

There are many upscale areas such as the East Legon where you might enjoy some good shopping at the city’s only traditional complex. Another affluent option is Osu, locally referred to as the “Oxford Street” of the country. The Central area has seen much expansion over the last decade and the range of lofty accommodations makes it an accessible area to set a comfy home quickly

Expat and local life in Accra

The kindness of Ghanaians is an asset and an important part of what attracts expatriates there. The tropical climate makes it even more tempting that locals who immigrated to the West parts of Africa are now returning home full of eagerness with new and innovative concepts and with high education qualifications from the top universities abroad. Along with the government’s commitment to invest into social and physical infrastructures, Accra is set to become one of the most promising cities in the years to come.

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