Trucking and Haulage – A promising market for Africa

Trucking and haulage is a huge market opportunity in Africa, with an outstanding import growth showing the development of Africa’s consumption. Starting from raw materials used for the manufacturing industry, petroleum expenditures, industrial equipment, vehicles machineries and food items; bringing trucking as a rewarding commerce is ideal for local and international investors because valued business is success business. Transporting goods from one place to another remains however, the main objective.

Despite the economic crisis of 2008, the African economy has shown quite positive outcomes, encouraging estimates for the future decades. Africa has been recently analysed as the fastest growing continent and with this constant evolution, trucking and haulage is a lucrative way to make business.

The scope in the transport and logistics sector have completely escalated, making the previsions regarding business practices extremely positive in South Africa particularly. Trucks and haulage have been result-oriented due to the level of work. There are now major routes which connect to major centres and several parts of Africa thus, increasing business. However, trucking is an expensive commerce, sometimes risky with heavy goods to transport within the poor state of infrastructures in some African areas. For instance, the good news is the production rising of factories and farms. It is important to say that for the development of African productions, trucks and haulage are vital to connect goods with clients. Without it, trading would be dreadful.

What you shall need to start your business in the trucking and haulage business?

  • Funding
  • Business infrastructure
  • Find contracts, seek for customers
  • Good trucks
  • Constant maintenance
  • Customer service

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