Urbanization in the Republic of Congo

Situated in the West coast of the dark continent, the Republic of Congo is a developing country which offers lucrative opportunities to expats and to international investors. The trending industries of Congo-Brazzaville are the:  telecommunications, education and finance sectors. Expatriates tend to settle in Congo to live and work there because of the modernity of infrastructures which are in constant progress. Unlike some African countries, the Republic of Congo has made outstanding progression due to the accelerated urbanization growth with the creation of high-class services.

Congo is one of the most urbanized countries however, it has faced several issues within social and environmental services. There’s a need for improvement in sanitation as they clearly lack garbage dumping equipment. The mediocre roads conditions combined with heavy rainfall cause flooding and foremost significant damage of tools and materials.

Get to know Africa HR Congo!

Pointe-Noire is the Republic of the Congo’s second largest city, behind its capital, Brazzaville. The town once belonged to the French colony and somehow still has the French ambience. Pointe Noire is in fact well known for possessing significant oil reserves and most of the expats present in the country relates to this industry. Did you know that Africa HR Congo was in Pointe Noire?

Get ready to grab your passport to this beautiful country. We offer ranges of prospects services starting from payroll solutions to employment, here are the industries we operate in:

  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Engineering
  • IT/telecom
  • Finance
  • NGO/ Non-Profits

 Our Solutions:

  • Professional Employer Outsourcing (PEO)
  • Payroll Outsourcing
  • Contractors
  • HR Services
  • Tax Compliance

Here at Africa HR, we offer a Professional Employment Outsourcing (PEO) facility. We provide businesses with wide range of human-resources services which includes:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Payroll Administration and processing
  • Safety Programs
  • Recruiting and Outplacement support
  • Government Compliance
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