Donor Fund Administration

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International Donors have a consistent concern around the administration of the Donor Funds provided to the NGO. Africa HR Solutions has the answer to their concerns. Through our extensive tried and tested network in more than 50 African countries we can provide peace of mind that the Donor funds are being utilised in the predetermined manner.

The Benefits of utilising Africa HR Donor Fund Administration:

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  • Africa HR is majority owned by a South African listed entity with a proven track record assisting multinationals and NGOs in over 40 African countries. We are audited by Deloitte on a regular basis.
  • The project plan is agreed and the project is managed by the Africa HR Donor Fund Administration division in Mauritius.
  • The in country progress verification is performed by a registered Audit firm that is registered in that specific country.
  • Funds are held in a stand-alone bank account for each project. Each Donor is given full sight of those funds and monthly reconciliations.
  • On achievement of the pre-determined benchmark, the funds are transferred to the NGO in country as agreed.
  • The Donor receives monthly or Quarterly progress reports on each project as required. The reports will follow agreed budget lines and milestones.