Payroll & Tax Outsourcing in Africa

Consolidating a decentralized payroll landscape into a global solution is a complex initiative. Organizations may easily face delays and incur unforeseen expenditures as a result of the numerous parties and systems involved. Africa HR Solutions meets the difficulty of completing complicated payroll obligations in the most effective manners by fusing international competence with local knowledge.

Organizations can accomplish a quick and flawless transition to Africa HR Solutions thanks to our organized deployment approach and experience dealing with numerous languages and geographical needs. Once you begin using our services, our knowledgeable team will assist you in managing each pay cycle with assurance.

To outsource your Payroll Calculations can be an extremely effective way to achieve strategic operational gains, 100% compliance and cost savings whereby you add value to your core business. It will help you free up time, reduce your payroll software, labour and overhead costs, while minimizing the compliance and legislative risks.
There is no need to hire a dedicated payroll team, Africa HR Solutions’s team of experts understands the complexities of African payroll. We have developed the tools and skills to deliver high quality payroll services all around Africa.

How Can We Help You?

12 Years of Experience

Over more than a decade, Africa HR Solutions has become a leading payroll service provider across Africa with a proven track record of success with over 400 clients across many industries.

Bulletproof Compliance

Ensuring your operations are carried out compliantly is a must. From country-specific regulations to government laws, we make sure your company is up to code with Africa's legislation at all times.

+44 Countries in Africa

Operating in more than 44 countries in Africa, our team of experts gathered the required knowledge and local expertise to handle your needs and demands - wherever, whenever.

Single Point of Contact

Avoid unnecessary headaches and mistakes thanks to our centralized services and manage everything from a single database. A single point of contact for all of your needs across the continent.

Maximize your ROI

It is cheaper to let a third-party organization handle your payroll than to do it yourself. By saving on the overall cost of payroll, you can reallocate your budget elsewhere to promote company growth.

Swift Payroll Implementation

With Africa HR Solutions you are one call away from implementing an accurate and timely payroll operation to ensure your talents are paid on time no matter where they are in Africa.

payroll & tax outsourcing in africa

Our Extensive range of payroll services include:

  • New starters data capturing
  • Payroll processing calendar (for submission, approval, funding)
  • Preparation of monthly payroll report
  • Monthly tax & social contributions
  • Monthly payslips
  • Off-cycle payroll run
  • Year-end filing
  • Handling of staff expenses/ disbursements/ reimbursements
  • Handling of medical insurance
  • Calculation of payment to third parties (pension funds, insurance)
  • Calculation of the compensation to be paid to employees in case of resignation and of the statutory termination indemnity in case of dismissal
  • Preparation of monthly accruals for statutory bonuses (Christmas, Easter, and vacation) and any other annual bonuses that may be provided to the employees
  • Customized reports on request

Facilitating your payroll needs

Accurate and timely payroll is critical to retention of valuable employees. Even mid-sized and larger employers are discovering that there are enormous advantages to using outside services for various aspects of payroll processing and accounting that allow them to focus valuable resources on growing the business instead of constantly upgrading software to stay in compliance with ever-changing regulatory requirements.

At Africa HR Solutions, we are able to facilitate in country payroll payments and submission of statutory documents in all African countries. Please do not hesitate to contact our Payroll team for further information in this regard.

Should you prefer to do your own Payroll Calculations, Africa HR Solutions is also able to supply cloud based Payroll software specifically developed for the African environment. Being cloud based, our offer is subscription license based, no IT infrastructure is required, upgrades and new functionality is continuously added and it is mobile and easily deployed. It is secure as it is built on the robust Oracle platform and it is hosted on a datacentre provided by Equinix, located in The Netherlands. As a result, it has all the certifications you will require. It is easy to tailor and integrate into your existing platforms such as NetSuite or SAP. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Africa HR Payroll Solutions

Step 1

We Discuss Your Payroll Strategy

Step 2

Signature of The SLA

Step 3

We Begin the Payroll Solution

Step 4

We Issue the Payroll

Step 5

Communication with Local Authorities

Step 6

Payroll for Departing Employees

Paying a workforce across Africa often necessitates employing many local payroll providers, each of which having its own systems, workflows, processes, and standards. Such a decentralized payroll mechanism incurs hidden expenses and is neither scalable nor long-term viable. Organizations can only evaluate and optimize the efficiency, effectiveness, and economics of the payroll process by adopting a comprehensive approach to global payroll.

Africa HR Solutions fills this need by offering an accurate, compliant african payroll solution in a single, integrated, automated solution with auditable processes customized to the particular needs of each African site. Innovative businesses can now manage their african payroll with unparalleled transparency and control while reducing labor-intensive manual processes that are prone to mistakes.

Payroll relies on data that is frequently stored in HR and finance systems. Organizations frequently use time-consuming, spreadsheet-based procedures to move such data to payroll, which raises the risk of errors and exposes confidential employee information to more risk. Managers look to post-mortem payroll exception reports in an effort to fix mistakes that could have been avoided when erroneous, incomplete, or poorly managed data causes problems with payroll processing. The issue is that the mistakes have already resulted in delays, failed payments, or even worse.

With Africa HR Solutions’s payroll platform, existing HR and finance software may connect  via secure web services and data transfers, assuring accurate, auditable, and legal outcomes.

Maintaining payroll compliance becomes increasingly difficult as a company crosses more borders. Payroll laws and regulations are different in every African country and local authority, and breaking them has serious repercussions. Africa HR Solutions’s customers depend on our platform and services to remain legal and compliant.

For audit compliance and internal risk management, our solution has processes that can be audited and issue tracking capabilities. Africa HR Solutions provides a secure, centralized global library for storing and accessing all compliance-related documents. This library facilitates the preparation and submission of statutory filings and payments. We give you the freedom to depend on effective African compliance and communication for your payroll management.

All Countries We Cover with Our Africa Professional Employer Organisations Solutions

Central Africa
Central African Republic
Democratic Republic of Congo
Equatorial Guinea
Republic of Congo
Sao Tome & Principe
Southern Africa
South Africa
Eastern Africa
Northern Africa
South Sudan
Western Africa
Burkina Faso
Cape Verde
Guinea Conakry
Guinea Bissau
Ivory Coast
Sierra Leone
Indian Ocean

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Kevina Takoordyal has a BA Hons Business Management from the University of Glamorgan, UK, with MBA in leadership and Innovation, MBA General, PMP Certified, and Agile Scrum Master. She currently works as the Head of Operations at Africa HR Solutions Ltd with more than 20 years of proven leadership capabilities in Operations, Business Development, People Management, Process Optimization, and Project Management in the Financial Services, BPO, Banking Industry, and Heath Care Industry. In Senior leadership roles with an international footprint across Europe working and extensive Pan- African experience from a compliance, finance, and operations angle, Kevina comes across with a panoply of cross-functional skills. Kevina also serves on a few Boards, Non-Independent Executive at MioD and for NGOs on a voluntary basis, a coach and mentor to aspiring female leaders across Africa and Mauritius.

Kevina is a firm believer in Servant Leadership with a strong focus and commitment to uplifting others, with the ability to deliver through a highly engaged – diverse team, and works towards consistently synergistic value creation. While being a focused and adaptive thinker and Kevina is actively participating in panel discussions on Innovation, CX, Digital transformation.

Kevina serves as Project Assessor for the National Youth upskilling program. She has been recognized as Global Talent in a few companies, Ceridian, and International SOS Ltd whereby she has been awarded a few scholarships and had the opportunity to be mentored by Senior Vice President in the US. Award Winner in various fields and at a national level and recognized including Super Achiever Leader Award in Africa in 2016, Awarded Africa Women Leader 2018.



Head of Legal & Compliance

A qualified lawyer who joined Africa HR Solutions in July 2020, Mark Du Preez has experience working in private practice for a reputable law firm in South Africa. He also played commercially focused roles at a leading private bank, wealth management company, and outsourcing firm in South Africa and Mauritius.

Mark has played a pivotal role in Africa HR Solution’s risk mitigation strategy, which positively impacted P&L performance over the years.

He currently leads the Partnerships function of the company including relationships and oversight with in-country partners (ICPs) across Africa.

alex daruty


Head of Commercial

Alex has more than 15 years of experience in the global, strategic development of both enterprise and consumer brands in categories including technology, transport, enterprise software, entertainment, and travel.

With experience in roles on both agency and corporate side, he has worked across international brands and has led the development and execution of multi-discipline campaigns across EMEA, NORAM and Asia Pacific.

His focus is on driving meaningful business impact through brand differentiation and building high-functioning, digitally oriented, and analytically driven capabilities. He is motivated by working with, and developing dynamic people, teams, and organizations.

He leads, manages, develops and mentors the Key Account Management department, including line management responsibility for the team of Key Account Managers and Key Account Administrator who represent the Company as the primary communication link between all relevant stakeholders, including clients, third party in-country partners and internal functions.

Originally from Mauritius, he holds bachelor’s degrees in International Business, Finance and Management from the University of Nevada, Reno.