Salary Surveys in Africa

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Africa HR is partnering with Birches Group to provide salary surveys across Africa.

Employers must offer competitive total remuneration packages to attract, retain and motivate staff.  The only way to ensure your package is competitive is to rely on market data provided by reliable suppliers.On the Birches Group Salary Survey page, you can find links to their survey schedule, information about their survey process, plus pricing, methodology and more.

These surveys are released thrice yearly for each country, for the most up-to-date data. Data is obtained via interview, thereafter the survey analyst’s job match for clients, ensuring consistency. Employers are able to join the surveys at any time throughout the year. Pricing varies, depending on the number of countries, the type of survey access and the number of years covered.

Reports can be prepared for any job in any African market.

Do you need a Salary Survey for your business in Africa?