Engineering and Construction

The face of African construction is growing, with more construction projects being undertaken, along with more challenging and complex developments. From real estate and commercial properties to multinational companies, Africa is a new hub for business.  

The engineering and construction market looks positive, with some new infrastructural projects that look very promising, as well as current and completed developments that are already excellent. Reinforcing the economic growth of the continent, this industry is known for being one of the major economic contributors and has seen a rapid growth since 2013 where a swift urbanisation trend was noted.

The rise in population is also a major factor. Increased demands in better infrastructure, schools, housing supplies, shopping malls and retail properties are bubbling to the surface, thus creating several opportunities for local and international investors.

What about the challenges?  The key challenges of this industry are understanding the growing demand of infrastructures, as the question of rapid growth without good skills in engineering, design and construction may lead to catastrophic consequences. 

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"The face of African construction is growing, with more construction projects being undertaken"


"Increased demands in better infrastructure are creating several opportunities for investors."