Thanks to the technologies that have developed throughout the years, the manufacturing of products has gotten easier. Influenced by today’s trends and current socioeconomic conditions, Africa has its own challenges and concerns. Manufacturers in Africa must make sure the conditions for production are suitable because of the primary materials. Despite certain issues in the industry, manufacturing has seen progress with more ample opportunities emerging. Also, as Africa is the fastest growing continent in terms of population, the number of businesses within the industrial production industry exploded, creating more employment in this sector. In fact, the productivity in the manufacturing sector has increased, as well as foreign investment, thus creating more business.

Challenges of the African manufacturing

  • The lack of efficiency in the industry due to the low labor rates and low levels of work hours in certain African regions.
  • A lack of infrastructures for factories to be able to compete with more manufacturing platforms both locally and overseas from Asia to Europe.
  •  The lack of education, training for the vast quantities of young people particularly, in the artisanal and craft field where specific skills are required.

Advantages of the African manufacturing

  • There’s a high demand in domestic manufactured goods which might help to boost the continent’s economy.
  • A high demand in several developed countries for processed foods and beverages as well as industrial procedures to support the growth of the manufacture sector.
  • The manufacturing sector tends to improve business climate along with a good governance, leading to peace and stability.
  • Work and job creation for a better boost in the continent’s economic growth. creates jobs.

What are the African countries which tease the more business?

  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya
  • Nigeria
  • Rwanda
  • Tanzania

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"manufacturing has seen progress with more ample opportunities emerging."


"There’s a high demand in domestic manufactured goods which might help to boost the continent’s economy."