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Africa Employer of Record (Africa EOR), PEO, Payroll, Benefits, Immigration across 40+ African countries.

africa employer of record
africa employer of record

Get your team going in Africa. Go with the expert.

Our unique local expertise supports your growth.

We cover the entire HR outsourcing process with a comprehensive offering that includes employer of record services, payroll outsourcing, independent contractor solutions, end-to-end immigration and work permit support, cross border payments, procuring employee benefits (including insurance and pension schemes), together with a range of ancillary services such as arranging in-country office leases, IT equipment and motor vehicle leases.

Backed by the ADvTECH Group, which is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, our proven track record and in-country knowledge positions us today as a reliable, high-calibre service provider. Our comprehensive HR solutions enable our multinational clientele, including Fortune 500s, FTSE 100s, reputable NGOs and social aid funders, to appropriately deliver international aid and private investment across the African continent.

Whatever HR services you require, be it simple or complex procedures, for one or hundreds of employees, local or expat workers, multiple-country teams or independent contractors, we deliver consistent, customised, cost and time-efficient solutions.

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Backed by ADvTECH, a Group listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Africa HR Solutions enables the flow of international investments and social aid funds into Africa.

Our proven local expertise and in-country knowledge position us today as a high-calibre Africa Employer of Record and Africa Payroll specialist. Simple or complex procedures, one or hundreds of employees, local and expat workers, multiple-country teams or independent contractors: we deliver consistent, customised, cost and time-efficient employer of record services and payroll solutions.

Africa Employer of Record

Why use our employment outsourcing services

Africa Payroll Outsourcing

We understand the complexities of African payroll

Africa HR Outsourcing Partner

We offer a fully managed Payroll Outsourcing service, with a single point of contact. Leveraging our local knowledge, we simplify the process for single or multi-country payroll mandates.

We guarantee timely and accurate payments and full compliance with local legislation.

Independant Contractor Solutions

We ensure contractor compliance and payment

HR Solutions in Africa

We support companies operating in various industries across Africa, on both short-term and long-term projects.

We can engage contractors and workers in the country of assignment and pay contractors’ invoices.

Cross-border Payments Into Africa

We pay your employees accurately, on time, all the time

cross border payments HR Africa

With end-to-end cross-border payments capabilities across Africa, including local currency payments, we ensure that your teams get paid diligently in-country.

Our payments service covers net salary payments, employee expense reimbursements, in-country statutory payments and payments to third parties.

Work Permit & Immigration Support

Our full-fledged immigration solutions make it seamless

outsourcing HR services in Africa HR

We navigate the differing requirements, complexities and legislation of HR outsourcing in Africa. Our in-country teams manage temporary and permanent work permits, residence permits and business visas for expatriate staff, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We also provide meet-and-greet and in-country support services.

Employee Benefits

Africa HR Solutions ensures that your employees are covered and feel valued

Africa HR PEO Solutions

Acknowledged as a leading Africa Employer of Record, we have an established network of reputable African, regional and international insurance companies.

For clients who wish to offer their employees more than the minimum statutory requirements, we procure insurance and pension coverage for local national and expatriate employees.

In-country Support Services

We enable successful operations in-country

HR Support Services Africa HR

We offer a range of in-country ancillary services to enhance your HR outsourcing experience in Africa. Our services include identifying and securing office space, leasing or purchasing IT equipment and renting or leasing motor vehicles.

We also assist expatriate staff with opening local bank accounts and securing accommodation.

Our Reach Across Africa

In the last 10 years, the scenario surrounding compliance in African countries has changed dramatically. Africa HR Solutions understands this and has become a major player in the African payroll market.

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What Can We Help You With?