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As your Employer of Record in Africa, we empower your company to navigate the African market with ease.

Africa HR Solutions offers everything you should be looking for in a specialist Africa Employer of Record service provider. 

We are: 

  • Exclusively focused on the African market
  • A team composed of fully bilingual experts, covering English and French-speaking African countries
  • Present across 44+ African countries
  • Ready to put our 14 years of African experience at your service


If you wish to establish a presence in Africa, or need to strengthen your foothold across the continent without an in-country entity, choosing Africa HR Solutions will give you much-needed support for your strategic initiatives. 

Whether you need to employ local workers and/or hire expatriates in Africa, you can rely on our full range of services and trusted operating model to meet your requirements in a cost-effective and transparent manner.

How Can We Help You?

Under our Africa EOR service, we compliantly onboard, employ, conduct the end-to-end payroll activities and manage employee benefits for your employees and contractors in Africa, together with a range of in-country support services.

We successfully onboarded more than 30,000 talents in Africa​


14 Years of Experience

Over time, Africa HR Solutions has become a leading PEO service provider across Africa — with a proven track record of success with 400+ clients across many industries.

Bulletproof Compliance

100% compliance. From country-specific regulations to government laws, we ensure your company is up to code with local legislation at all times.

44+ Countries in Africa

Our team of experts have the required knowledge and local expertise to handle your needs — wherever, whenever, across 44+ African countries.

Single Point of Contact

Avoid unnecessary headaches and mistakes: manage everything from our centralized database. A single point of contact for all of your needs across the continent.

Maximize your ROI

It is cheaper to outsource your HR, payroll and compliance duties than to do it yourself. Slash these costs with our PEO, and reallocate your budget to promote company growth.

Swift Payroll Implementation

With Africa HR Solutions, you are one call away from implementing an accurate and timely payroll operation for your talents, wherever they are in Africa.

Dominating Payroll & EOR Services Across Africa!

With our Headquarters based in Mauritius, Africa HR Solutions stands as your ultimate destination for top-tier payroll outsourcing and Employer of Record services. Unearth the unmatched expanse of our coverage and immerse yourself in payroll solutions that span the entire African continent.
Our proficiency encompasses a diverse array of nations, bolstered by 100% compliance.

Choose the country you wish to expand to:

Algeria EOR


EOR and payroll provider in Angola


EOR and payroll provider in Benin


EOR and payroll provider in Botswana


EOR and payroll provider in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

PEO and Payroll services in Burundi


EOR and payroll provider in Cameroon



Cape Verde

EOR and payroll provider in Central African Republic-01


EOR and payroll provider in Chad




EOR and payroll provider in Congo Brazaville-01

Congo Brazzaville

EOR and payroll provider in DRC


PEO and Payroll services in Djibouti


EOR and payroll provider in Egypt


EOR and payroll provider in Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea

PEO and Payroll services in Eritrea


EOR and payroll provider in Eswatini


EOR and payroll provider in Ethiopia




EOR and payroll provider in Gabon


EOR and payroll provider in Ghana



Guinea Bissau

EOR and payroll provider in Guinea Conakry

Guinea Conakry

EOR and payroll provider in Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast

PEO and Payroll services in Kenya






Madagascar EOR


Malawi EOR


Mali EOR


Mauritius EOR


Mauritania EOR






PEO and Payroll services in Namibia


PEO and Payroll services in Niger


PEO and Payroll services in Nigeria


PEO and Payroll services in Rwanda


Payroll and PEO services in Sao Tome

Sao Tome & Principe






Sierra Leone

PEO and Payroll services in South Africa

South Africa

PEO and Payroll services in South Sudan

South Sudan

PEO and Payroll services in South Sudan


PEO and Payroll services in Tanzania




PEO and Payroll services in Tunisia


PEO and Payroll services in Uganda


PEO and Payroll services in Zambia


PEO and Payroll services in Zimbabwe


What are Employer of Record (EOR) Services in Africa?

An Africa Employer of Record (Africa EOR) service provider is a registered organisation specialised in the delivery of HR outsourcing services to global clientele who represent the continent’s international investors and social aid funders. These clients turn to an Africa Employer of Record (EOR) in case they do not want to set up their own entity in single or multiple African countries – or at least not right away, but still wish to test the market first. Outsourcing the employer function to a specialist provider mitigates risks, minimises time and cost consuming procedures, and allows investors and funders to start their in-country operations more easily and more rapidly. An Africa EOR expert has fully capable in-country teams and also manages the end-to-end payroll requirements for its clients’ local and expatriate employees – all in full compliance with applicable labour legislation and regulatory frameworks. Accordingly, an Africa EOR is not just a staffing agency.

Why use Employer of Record Services in Africa?

An Employer of Record service provider offers a readily available HR platform, together with a fully operational and proven system to compliantly employ and payroll local national and expatriate staff across Africa, thereby minimizing implementation time and reducing costs across the HR management function.

Key Benefits of EOR

No need to build, buy, rent, or register a branch office in- country. Your Africa EOR represents your local entity, helping you avoid a time-consuming and financially costly process. In addition, there is no need for you to support additional HR, Finance, or Legal functions in-country. Outsourcing to an Africa EOR improves the availability of funds and cash flow, ultimately supporting your development and market expansion objectives, whilst being beneficial to your bottom line.

Outsourcing to an Africa EOR transfers the majority of compliance risks to the Employer of Record in relation to hiring, the correct classification of the workforce, contract drafting, payroll, statutory payments to the authorities, and mandatory employee benefits – all of which minimise the risks of penalties and legal disputes arising from non-compliance with local labour laws and regulatory practices. In addition, it minimises the risks and costs of testing a new market in Africa or implementing an expansion plan across several countries in Africa.

No need to hire local or expatriate employees yourself. Whether for a small or a larger team, your Africa EOR becomes the registered and contractual employer of your workforce in-country and remains responsible for the full onboarding process as well as ongoing compliance in accordance with all associated regulatory and labour law obligations.

No need to manage your teams’ in-country payroll. Your Africa EOR remains fully responsible for conducting the end-to-end payroll process in accordance with all associated regulatory obligations and ensures that payroll is implemented compliantly, accurately, and on time, relieving you of the technical and administrative burden of managing a foreign and complex payroll.

Your Africa Employer of Record takes care of all the above and more, and in significantly less time than a foreign company could. Through its existing local entities, its comprehensive skillset, and the local expertise of a dedicated team attending compliantly to all requirements, clients have access to a full-service partnership, which enables them to focus on their core activities and strategic objectives, minimising downtime and subsequent financial loss.

Outsourcing to an Employer of Record service provider offers international organisations expanding into Africa a safe, proven, and legally compliant solution. There is no need for clients to handle the burden of complex international employment regulations, nor bear the responsibility for compliance. Securing the expertise of an Africa EOR who is adept at navigating the continent’s ever-changing labour laws and regulatory practices provides the ultimate peace of mind.

Local nationals and expatriate employees benefit from the assurance that they’ll be paid accurately and on time. Knowing that they have the support of qualified and experienced local HR professionals allows employees to properly devote themselves to the execution of their professional duties.

africa employer of record
Employer of Record (EOR) Services in Africa

When to use an Africa Employer of Record?

An Africa Employer of Record service provider (EOR) assists multinational organisations when they have decided to expand into an African country, or more widely across the continent, but who also wish to focus on their strategic priorities and core activities.

These organizations outsource the HR-related functions to their Africa Employer EOR. When employing local workers in Africa or hiring expatriate staff in Africa, whether for commercial businesses or NGO projects, outsourcing to an Africa Employer of Record service provider significantly alleviates the challenge of navigating the diversity and complexities of Africa’s national laws and market idiosyncrasies.

Engaging an expert focused on Africa to assist with a compliant employment outsourcing solution, instead of setting up one’s own in-country entity, allows companies to tap instantly into valuable insights and local expertise (including experience with similar projects and industries), thereby streamlining the whole hiring, employment and payroll process and accelerating the start of the new African operations.

The Africa EOR then becomes (instead of the client) the in-country entity that is legally responsible for employing and paying the client’s local and expatriate workforce, including dealing with employee benefits and immigration support services.

An Africa Employer of Record service has become the preferred choice of multinational organisations who have decided to implement a market expansion strategy targeting Africa. An Africa EOR allows these organisations to both test a new market in a measured fashion and to implement the continued expansion of their activities across multiple African countries.

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What Can We Help You With?




Grant Geraghty is the longest-serving member of the Africa HR team. This resident subject matter expert and client champion is responsible for gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ unique HR needs in Africa and providing tailored solutions that align with their business objectives. Grant collaborates closely with our clients to ensure that their requirements are properly implemented, providing ongoing support and guidance throughout the process.

Grant brings a wealth of experience to his role, having served as Africa HR’s longest-serving employee. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, with a major in Economics and Business Finance, from the University of Natal in South Africa. Additionally, he has completed a certification program in Payroll and Tax Administration from the University of Cape Town, further enhancing his expertise in HR operations and compliance.

His commitment to delivering exceptional service and his extensive knowledge of HR in Africa make him an invaluable member of the Africa HR team.




Kevina Takoordyal has a BA Hons Business Management from the University of Glamorgan, UK, with MBA in leadership and Innovation, MBA General, PMP Certified, and Agile Scrum Master. She currently works as the Head of Operations at Africa HR Solutions Ltd with more than 20 years of proven leadership capabilities in Operations, Business Development, People Management, Process Optimization, and Project Management in the Financial Services, BPO, Banking Industry, and Heath Care Industry. In Senior leadership roles with an international footprint across Europe working and extensive Pan- African experience from a compliance, finance, and operations angle, Kevina comes across with a panoply of cross-functional skills. Kevina also serves on a few Boards, Non-Independent Executive at MioD and for NGOs on a voluntary basis, a coach and mentor to aspiring female leaders across Africa and Mauritius.

Kevina is a firm believer in Servant Leadership with a strong focus and commitment to uplifting others, with the ability to deliver through a highly engaged – diverse team, and works towards consistently synergistic value creation. While being a focused and adaptive thinker and Kevina is actively participating in panel discussions on Innovation, CX, Digital transformation.

Kevina serves as Project Assessor for the National Youth upskilling program. She has been recognized as Global Talent in a few companies, Ceridian, and International SOS Ltd whereby she has been awarded a few scholarships and had the opportunity to be mentored by Senior Vice President in the US. Award Winner in various fields and at a national level and recognized including Super Achiever Leader Award in Africa in 2016, Awarded Africa Women Leader 2018.



Head of Finance & Business Support

Viloshna is an experienced finance professional with 18 years of expertise in strategic financial planning, financial analysis, cash flow management, systems and controls implementation, financial reporting, and continuous process improvements. She currently serves as Head of Finance & Business Support, where she has successfully automated and leveraged the financial reporting system capabilities to ensure efficient company operations.

Viloshna’s background includes senior roles in a multinational pharmaceutical company and a large listed Mauritian conglomerate. Her meticulous attention to detail and strategic thinking have streamlined financial processes, making her a valuable addition to any finance team. Viloshna is a qualified finance professional with an FCCA qualification and an MBA, bringing valuable expertise to any organization.

In her current role, Viloshna leads the company’s Treasury and Payments function, including the fulfillment of the company’s cross-border payments into Africa. With her strong educational background and extensive experience, Viloshna consistently demonstrates her ability to optimize financial operations, minimize risks, and improve profitability. Her expertise in financial reporting and process improvements make her a valuable asset to any organization.



Head of Legal & Compliance

A qualified lawyer who joined Africa HR Solutions in July 2020, Mark Du Preez has experience working in private practice for a reputable law firm in South Africa. He also played commercially focused roles at a leading private bank, wealth management company, and outsourcing firm in South Africa and Mauritius.

Mark has played a pivotal role in Africa HR Solution’s risk mitigation strategy, which positively impacted P&L performance over the years.

He currently leads the Partnerships function of the company including relationships and oversight with in-country partners (ICPs) across Africa.

Alex Daruty - Africa HR Team


Head of Commercial

Alex has more than 15 years of experience in the global, strategic development of both enterprise and consumer brands in categories including technology, transport, enterprise software, entertainment, and travel.

With experience in roles on both agency and corporate side, he has worked across international brands and has led the development and execution of multi-discipline campaigns across EMEA, NORAM and Asia Pacific.

His focus is on driving meaningful business impact through brand differentiation and building high-functioning, digitally oriented, and analytically driven capabilities. He is motivated by working with, and developing dynamic people, teams, and organizations.

He leads, manages, develops and mentors the Key Account Management department, including line management responsibility for the team of Key Account Managers and Key Account Administrator who represent the Company as the primary communication link between all relevant stakeholders, including clients, third party in-country partners and internal functions.

Originally from Mauritius, he holds bachelor’s degrees in International Business, Finance and Management from the University of Nevada, Reno.