Egypt - HR Outsourcing

Considered as the fastest growing economy in the Middle East and a resilient country in Africa, Egypt is working to develop major sectors of its economy, expand transportation, improve infrastructure, and rebalance its supply chain, as well as become a hub for business process outsourcing. Strategic plans in progress to boost economic growth pave the way for HR outsourcing opportunities for a more talented workforce.

While expanding to Egypt, your organisation will face various legal, cultural, and employment outsourcing challenges. This is where Africa HR Solutions can be the right partner to facilitate your Egypt HR outsourcing services. We provide Professional Employer Organisation (PEO), Employer of Record, payroll outsourcing, and ancillary support services, to help you grow your company in Egypt, even if you do not have a registered entity in the country.

Country Profile - Egypt

Population: 98.4 mn

Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $303.2 bn

GDP Growth: 4.8%

Inflation: 0.1%

Foreign Direct Investment (% of GDP): 2.7%

Unemployment Rate: 11.4 %

Capital: Cairo

Currency: Egyptian Pound

Languages: Modern Standard Arabic


Egypt's Economy

Considered as a middle lower-income country, Egypt is one of the few African countries that has remained strong and resilient since the economic reforms established a few years ago. The Covid-19 pandemic affected a few sectors including the tourism industry. Together with the World Bank, the Country Partnership Framework (CFP) aims at exploring challenges and finding solutions in three key areas such as improving governance, improving opportunities for private-sector job creation, and social inclusion. Natural gas, clothes, textiles, medical & petrochemical products, citrus fruits, rice, dried onion, cement, steel, as well as ceramics are among Egypt’s primary exports.

Interesting Facts About Egypt

The largest city in Africa and the Middle East is Cairo

Egypt has 5 million Facebook users

Aswan High is one of the world’s largest dam

Egypt has over 100 pyramids

The country’s national dish is Koshari, consisting of Egyptian Rice, Lentils, and Macaroni with Spicy Tomato Chile Sauce

Public Holidays in Egypt

Coptic Christmas

Revolution Day

Public Holiday

Coptic Easter Sunday

Sham El Nessim

Sinai Liberation Day

Labour Day

End of Ramadan

Revolution Day

Revolution Day

Eid Al Adha

El Hijra

Armed Forces

Al-Mouled Al-Nabawy

Employment in Egypt

Egypt’s new business legislation and privatisation have enabled its economy to become a market-oriented one to attract FDI and create more employment opportunities. Employees have access to vacation, sick and parental leaves. All termination requests must be addressed to the Ministry of Manpower and Migration, which decides after 15 days. The length of service of the employee determines the notice prior to termination. Both employees and employers contribute to social security, and the amount depends on the monthly wage. For employers, the rate of contribution is 24% or 26% of salary, whereas, for employees, it is 11% or 14%. The income tax rates are between 0% and 25%, depending on the level of income. Corporate tax in Egypt is 22.5%.

Partnering with Africa HR Solutions enables you to accelerate your move to Egypt and to focus on your strategic business goals with peace of mind, while our in-country experts manage all your in-country establishment, payroll outsourcing, and benefits to attract bright talent.