Africa HR Solutions Ltd is the leading African employment expert which you shall come across. As Employer of RecordAfrica HR Solutions Ltd has become a major player in the African market regarding Professional Employment Outsourcing (PEO), payroll and compliance.

Renewable Sources

Africa’s renewable energy industry is relatively new, and is one of the most promising sectors of the continent. Solar energy has drawn special attention from stakeholders and is set to be an auspicious energy solution for forthcoming years. Several  African countries today are opting for more sustainable energy sources: Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Morocco, Ghana, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Trade Industry

African countries have a huge potential in the trade industry within the global market. With more diverse economies, the delivery of goods in and outside Africa has enhanced the African economy. It created several job opportunities, delivered food and energy stability, and helped alleviate poverty in some African regions.

Payroll Industry

Being a skilled payroll professional in Africa requires the need to sustain any business compliance standards. Being up-to-date with the latest regulations and procedures forms part of payroll duties.  For example, in Ethiopia, some may think that Ethiopia has a highly complex payroll “system” but payroll in Ethiopia is a common activity which forms part of the accounting and finance department of any business. The outsourcing part of payroll is starting to evolve around Ethiopia, and is increasing among the main areas of investment which include agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, mining and social services.

Human Resources Industry

The human resources industry in general involves managing employees within an organization; providing employees safe clauses such as employee benefits, payroll and federal and government tax awareness. The service favoured by staff and employees is mainly Employee Outsourcing, which offers a variety of services in assorted areas of business such as payroll and recruitment. Whether the business is a small or huge one, the ingredients which allow the business to outsource for contracts are good supervision of the organization structure, perfect timing regarding tracking objectives (including goals and strategies), good employee and manager training and clear business administration.