10 Employee Engagement Statistics you should know

For years companies have invested in customer loyalty through programs, incentives, customer service operations and more. Meanwhile, not nearly as much attention has been placed on a segment that has proven, direct correlations to customer retention: employee engagement and loyalty.

Here are 10 key employee engagement statistics and retention from the latest study by Achievers.

Employee Retention & Engagement Statistics

  • Up to two-thirds of employees say they may leave their jobs in 2020
  • 52% of employees are looking or would consider leaving their company because of compensation, 43% career advancement, and 19% lack of recognition
  • 26% of employees feel being undervalued and underappreciated is the highest barrier to engagement
  • Employees who do not feel adequately recognized have a lower engagement and are twice as likely to say they’ll quit in the next year
  • 90% of workers said they are more likely to stay at a company that takes and acts on feedback
  • 44% of employees who called their company horrible at acting on feedback plan to look for a new job compared to 28% who called their company awesome at acting on feedback
  • In 2020, 35% of employees plan to look for a new job, 33% are not planning to look for a new job, and 32% are undecided
  • 23% of 18-20-year-olds will stay at their current job in 2020, 50% indicated they will pursue a new job, and another 27% are undecided
  • 38% of 30-44-year-olds plan to look for a new job while 34% are undecided
  • 19% of employees consider themselves very engaged and planning to stay at their company a long time

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