Nigeria EOR - Employer of Record

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Africa HR Solutions takes care of Nigeria EOR (Employer of Record) services for businesses that are looking to employ employees and run payroll without first setting up a branch office or subsidiary in Nigeria. Your candidates are hired through Africa HR Solutions Nigeria Employer of Record (Nigeria EOR ) in accordance with in-country labor laws and can be on-boarded in a few days instead of the months it typically takes. The new worker is assigned to work on your staff, working on your institution’s behalf just like he or she was your worker.

As always, we guarantee 100% compliance for your business in Africa.


Overview of Nigeria

Nigeria is in West Africa on the Gulf of Guinea. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the seventh most populous country in the world, with 211,400,704 inhabitants.  500 different ethnic groups live in Nigeria, the largest of which are the Hausa, Igoband, and Yoruba.  The official language is English.

New Year’s Day

Good Friday

Easter Monday

Labor Day

Democracy Day

Id el Fitri

Id el Kabir

National Day

Id el Moulud

Christmas Day

Boxing Day

Bonus in Nigeria

Fixed term contracts are permitted.

It is legally required to put a written employment contract in place in Nigeria, in the local language, which spells out the terms of the employee’s compensation, benefits, and termination requirements. An offer letter and employment contract in Nigeria should always state the salary and any compensation amounts in Nigerian naira rather than a foreign currency.

The labor law requires one 24-hour rest period every seven days and a one hour break per six hours of work.

Some companies pay a 13th month bonus, but it is not statutorily required. Annual bonuses and performance-based bonuses are common in Nigeria.

Employees are generally entitled to six days of paid annual leave after one year of employment.

In general, employees are entitled to 12 days of paid sick leave per year.

Female employees are generally entitled to 12 weeks of maternity leave at 50% of pay.

Paid paternity leave is available in the Lagos and Enugu States of 2 weeks and 3 weeks respectively.

Employees who make more than ₦3,000 contribute 2.5% of their wages to the National Housing Fund.

Nigeria has at-will employment. In general, employers should provide written notice of dismissal and give the employee an opportunity for defense.

Probationary periods of up to three months, or longer if negotiated, are permitted.

There is no statutory severance pay.

How Africa HR Solutions Can Help You in Nigeria?

Our Nigeria employer of record (Nigeria EOR) service enables customers to run payroll in Nigeria while Africa HR Solutions takes care of taxation, and compliance management matters are lifted from their shoulders on ours. As an African Employer of Record specialist, we manage employment contract best practices, statutory and local standard, employee benefits, and employee expenditures, in addition to severance and termination when needed.

We also keep you apprised of changes to local employment laws in Nigeria.

When using our solutions, your new employee is productive even earlier, since he goes through a better hiring transition. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have a group of dedicated employment specialists, backed by years of experience, helping with each on-boarding.

Africa HR Solutions allows you to focus on running efficiently your core business.