3 signs your business in Africa needs a PEO

Have you considered outsourcing for your business in Africa?

Is your HR to-do list growing so fast that it’s hindering your company’s growth and performance?

Have you gotten so bogged down in tactical and administrative human resource tasks that you have little time left for strategy and planning?

As a business leader, you’re responsible for ensuring that things get done right and on time, but it’s important to recognize when you need to delegate duties or improve processes so you can focus on your core business.

If any of the following signs sound familiar, it may be time to consider hiring a PEO in Africa.

You can’t focus on the big picture

How do you plan for your company’s future if you don’t have a handle on every working part of your business? Likewise, if you can’t survey your data quickly and conveniently, will you truly be able to see where you’re spending the most money and time – and if it’s paying off? Why is your overtime payout way up over the past six months? Have you seen a large increase in employee-related expenses? Having your company’s data and analytics readily at your fingertips allows you to see patterns and identify issues that may indicate you need to hire more people.

Your company has been fined or penalized for compliance violations

Keeping up with HR-related government compliance can be another tough spot for small business owners and it’s not just about payroll anymore. As employment law evolves, there are always new regulations to keep up with, as well as updates to the familiar ones. Staying on top of those gets especially difficult when you have people working in multiple states.

For instance, bringing on new employees in other states often requires state-specific notifications or the application of state-specific policies. Missing one of those can leave your business open to fines or a lawsuit in the event an employee ends up filing a complaint. These tricky areas (and other HR-related government compliance issues) require a lot of attention. Most small businesses simply don’t have the bandwidth or in-house expertise to dedicate to it.

Competing companies are wooing your employees with amazing benefit packages

When you’re wearing too many hats, another thing that may escape your attention is your awareness of how your benefits package compares to what other employers are offering. Do you know how your benefits stack up against what your competitors are able to provide to your current employees or future job candidates? In other words, can your benefits package compete with the “big guys?”

Employees leave on short notice

If your managers aren’t engaged with employees, they may not always know what your staff needs to do their jobs well. They also may not be in tune with what makes your workforce feel happy and fulfilled. When this happens, eventually even the smartest, most motivated employee will become frustrated and shut down. That’s a recipe for discontentment, which can spread around the office and fuel turnover.

Keeping good employees satisfied requires competitive benefits and compensation, as well as consistent communication and the promise of a bright future at your company. Without these things, your workforce may not feel they have any reason to stay.

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