Africa – Transition to a green economy

African economies have evolved quite fast these last few years and several industries in the African market have continued to make spectacular progress within all kinds of sectors. With particular emphasis on the Sub-Saharan regions despite the modern transformation and opportunities available for these regions to develop, some African countries still live in extreme poverty and this is why a new industry has emerged and has been designed to meet the needs of these nations in need; the renewable industry.  In fact, the green economy came up to play vital role in achieving sustainable development on a long-term perspective. These countries are: Zambia, Tunisia, Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mauritius, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Egypt.

The importance and the interest towards the implementation of a green economy has already generated opportunities in providing jobs and social benefits towards the population. In fact, the green economy is all about finding new innovative methods in contributing and reducing the climate change uncertainties or from damaged biodiversity. The flourishing enthusiasm of moving forward towards a broad green growth presents unique opportunities to put in motion governments to evaluate and re-examine policies and new alternatives for growth. The purpose of this initiative is to create job opportunities, eradicate poverty and to achieve the goal of sustainable development.

Ethiopia, the perfect role model

Ethiopia as an example. Despite several challenges, Ethiopia still hopes to take advantage of its current economic prosperity by becoming more flexible regarding the climate changes while establishing its economy in a neutral way. In fact, Ethiopia is one these countries which aim to develop a green economy by the following means:

  • Boosting crops and cattle production usual procedures to improve food security and increase farmer’s wages while lowering emissions.
  • Preserving and restoring forests for their economic and environment services, including carbon stockpile.
  • Leaping to modernized and energy-saving electronics in transport, manufacturing sectors and constructions.
  • Widening the power generation from sustainable energy source for household purposes and local markets

Africa’s sustainable energy sector is relatively new and one of the most promising markets of the continent. Solar energy has drawn a attention from stakeholders and is set to be an auspicious energy solution for forthcoming years. Several African countries today are opting for more renewable sources.

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