Agriculture, the secret for eradicating poverty

Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is the protection of fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life.  -Nelson Mandela

Agriculture is the most important industry of the African economy, contributing as a major source of income for Africa. Considered as a priority to fight against poverty, African agriculture is at a turning point in its digital and ecological evolution. The absolute need for Africa to diversify its economy is necessary to increase the number of undernourished people. Hiring the highest number of locals, the farming sector is the primary source of food and income for Africans. With a land of full potential, Africa is home to half of the world’s unexploited land which can be brought to production; teasing more and more investments daily both internationally and locally.

Despite of the countless setbacks African countries suffer from: inadequate infrastructures for agricultural purposes, poor farming techniques, limited access to quality farm inputs, lack of awareness by farmers on better farming techniques or the low capital for farmers to purchase necessary farming contributions; However, business still happens. Farmers need more modern and new types of technologies to boost their harvests. African farmers who started using these new forms of high tech tools are directly linked to more profitable food markets and immediately increasing productivity within a short time. Some Governments in Africa as well as big organizations or associations understood the real impact of technology on the agricultural industry thus, leading to the continent’s importance in contributing for the total GDP.

Ghana’s thick and lows

The agricultural sector is however by far the most important industry of Ghana, the country produces a variety of crops in various climatic zones ranging from wet forests to dry plot of lands. The agricultural crops include: cocoa, yams, cassava, corn, timber, timber, oil palms or kola nuts which are all included in Ghana’s economy. Cocoa beans are the top-earning agricultural export for Ghana. These climbing imports are suggestive of an extensive opportunity to revamp the agricultural side as a prosperous business. Unfortunately, past events such as droughts, impacts of climate change or food price inflation. The future of food security will without any doubt be influenced by the steps you take to support small scale businesses such as farms, fishing and herding. New modern high-tech tools shall be the key to get out of poverty for the future.

The challenge of eradicating hunger and poverty within food security for example in Ghana has always been a constant battle as it has always been considered as a challenge and where locals would depend only on agriculture for their livelihood. Plagued by several factors:

  • Inferior stages of industrialization and adoption of electronics
  • Climate change effects
  • Lack of investments
  • Weak management of post-harvest crops

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