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TonnUp, a South African agri-tech company, has launched an online trading platform aimed at shaking up the local commodities market by assisting farmers in marketing and selling their agricultural products in an organized and transparent manner.

The newly launched and innovative platform, which was launched in the fourth quarter of 2020, aims to enable farmers to control the pricing, marketing, and distribution of their commodities.


Dry cleaning and laundry app

An app for dry cleaning and laundry on demand in Egypt, Laverie has raised a six-figure funding round investment from A15, in order to extend its operations across Greater Cairo, and then the GCC, with a new set of services.

Since its launch in 2018, the automated laundry service provider has handled over 60,000 products and amassed a customer base of over 4,000 registered users.


Jumia City Partner Program

Jumia City Partner Program, the company’s new eCommerce platform program provides young people in Kenya with the ability to earn up to $1000 a month. In Africa, Jumia hires 5,000 people and operates a platform that serves hundreds of thousands of vendors, sales agents, and logistics partners.

Jumia has launched the ‘Jumia City Partner Program’ in the Western, Mount Kenya, Nyanza, Western, and Coastal regions, with the aim of creating economic opportunities for the youth.

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