How you can do business in Africa without having a registered company?

How we help you do business in Africa without having a registered company?

It’s revolutionary, but it’s now possible to do business in Africa without having a physical company. Africa HR solutions offers complete Employer of record and payroll solutions for your business needs in Africa. Africa HR solutions is a Professional PEO Organization offering employment and payroll services to its clients. This means that we can legally employ people on your behalf while they do the work for you.

Normally to employ someone, you would need to open a company and that includes the opening of a bank account, registering with the local government and tax bodies, as well as heaps of bureaucratic hoops you would need to go through. Africa can be a daunting landscape, especially with its complicated laws and legislation. Why not seek the solutions of a partner who can assist and be the expert, employing your workers and paying them and their taxes while sending you one invoice. Simple, effective and low-cost employment outsourcing is changing the way companies explore new markets, and something you should be considering too!

Our business is flourishing throughout Africa and we want to give this opportunity to anyone seeking to explore the African continent. Now is the chance to turn your idea into reality. Business development in Africa has been highly prioritized as a hot economic commodity, and it is regarded to be the next China or Dubai. For existing business that wish to explore new territories or for an organization that has a specific project in mind, Africa HR solutions is the partner for you.

Why is Africa HR Solutions the right business solution partner for you?

Through Africa HR solutions, your employment outsourcing, payroll outsourcing, immigration solutions, medical and repatriation services and offshore service needs will be taken care of. We take charge of them all ensuring total compliance and transparency for your company.  Why Africa? Urbanization and purchasing power, both hold pivotal roles in making Africa the next business hub. This has enabled developing countries to participate in international trade and has led to many businesses bloom out of the blue as well as contribute to a sustainable business program throughout Africa. Africa HR solutions feels the need to be associated with such programs upholding the value of development in Africa. At the same time, we give the opportunity to small businesses to shine and established companies grow further.

What Africa HR Solutions also takes charge of?

  1. Onboarding your contract workers for special projects.
  2. No matter which region of Africa your contractors belong to, we employ them and do the payroll.
  3. All employment and payroll solutions provided are offered at competitive rates with an easy onboarding process.
  4. All your HR operations within Africa is simplified. We have solutions in over 50 countries.
  5. We are one central point for all your employees in Africa.
  6. We offer full legal and compliant solutions in accordance with the local legislation.
  7. We offer up to date payroll reports for your business.

Africa HR Solutions deals with almost all industries and below some of them are listed:

  • Agriculture and Farming
  • Biotechnology
  • Education
  • Electronic
  • Engineering and construction
  • Financial Services
  • Food and Beverage
  • IT and Telecom
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Mining
  • NGOs
  • Oil and Gas
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Others

Let’s Partner!

If you want to initiate a startup or set up a branch of an existing company by employing people, but are not ready to bear the hassle of implementing a company, then your one-stop business solution is Africa HR solutions. We work with both startups and established companies. This is how you can do business in Africa without having a registered company.

Contact Us:

If you would like to find out more, and start doing business in Africa then give Clinton Ross a call. He is our dedicated Sales and Marketing Manager.
Call Clinton on (+230) 465 31 00 or email him @ [email protected]

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