Immigration processes to Mozambique

If you’re travelling or moving to Mozambique, take our advice. You are required to obtain a work visa. However, work permits are only delivered when the employer can prove that the job role cannot be occupied by any suitable Mozambican candidates. Expatriates are normally employed on a specific allocation.  If an international business wishes to implement in Mozambique and to obtain a work permit for one of its employees, it is the Mozambican branch who needs to apply for the work permit if not, expats without work permits shall be fined and even deported from the country.

What are the several steps to take before obtaining work permits in Mozambique?

Certificate of equivalence

A certificate of equivalence consists of getting a recognition of qualifications, studies, and vocational certificates from the National Education System to the per-educational, educational and extra educational levels. You need to address your application to the Minister of Education of Mozambique and to request the equivalence according to the Mozambican embassy.

Application for work authorization

  • Work Contract
  • Letter from the employer
  • Letter from the Ministry of Labor (authorization)
  • Criminal Record

Residence permits

Visa for residence permits will be issued to expats who intend to live in Mozambique and to those who can prove to have means of sustenance and a sponsoring letter as well as a criminal record.

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