Technology improves NGOs productivity

The African technology is taking a leap and constantly improving its productivity. South Africa believes that technology is the key improvement factor for the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) progress on a daily basis. In fact, the role of the African NGOs is to provide aid services for the immediate needs of African communities. As today more than 80% of African countries use mobile coverages, it shows the incredible response of local populations regarding the mobile notoriety, being now considered as a main source of communication.

Has can mobile technology help NGOs?

Early awareness messages –The growth of mobile health technologies, including health messaging projects, health monitoring and accessible mobile applications have changed the way healthcare is perceived worldwide, with the potential to deliver an unlimited amount of health resources and information.

Safety warning – Advanced advertisements regarding natural disasters to save African communities such as floods, typhoons etc.

E-learning – Providing aids and safety courses online to shape NGOs professionals.

Mobile cash transfers – Africa now has one of the largest mobile money markets in the world where more than 30 per cent of the adults have accounts. Thus, helping the vulnerable African communities in crisis.

Education – Mobile technology helps to provide to schools, parents and teachers important resources and tips to help students to succeed.

More NGOs should adapt this method. Technology helps to grow, support develop and improve the good functioning of NGOs in Africa. Providing aids during crisis times such as wars or famines while providing enough sources of information to its people.

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