The African continent is widely known for being the most unfortunate continent in the world, where healthcare is mediocre and perceived as the worst. Despite the severe poverty, healthcare in Africa has paved its  way slowly but surely. It is without any doubts that today technology is behind the progress made. Today, daily delivery of healthcare has been given a boost and new information systems grant greater efficiency to healthcare professionals.

Since the global Ebola outbreak in 2015, the emphasis and concerns on Africa’s healthcare facilities hasn’t stop growing. In sub-Saharan Africa, nearly 70% of deaths were caused by infectious diseases such as malaria, HIV and AIDS, and the issue is the sub-par treatment given to the population. Many African communities also lack clean water and suitable sanitation amenities, especially in the most remote areas of Africa, which contributes significantly to disease.

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"It is without any doubts that today technology is behind the progress made."

"Africa is the dream platform for those willing to start a unique journey in the healthcare sector."