One of the contemporary platforms for global communications, Africa’s growth within the marketing sector is exploding. From digital to more traditional methods of marketing, Africa today offers a constantly evolving and innovative marketing industry. The digital marketing industry presents opportunities for businesses to emerge and to perform well in the media markets, and at the same time follow the trends of both the developed and developing worlds. On the other hand, traditional and content marketing is still an important tool to reach a group of specific consumers that do not essentially use internet browsing.

Digital marketing

Today, no business anywhere can perform without a good marketing strategy, and Africa is no exception. The mobile industry has been a dramatic change for the continent, with more locals owning smartphones. There are now over 48 million Internet users in Nigeria, when ten years before it was nearly non-existent. In the near future, half of sub-Saharan Africa will have internet access, opening up a whole new audience for digital marketers.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing, particularly in South Africa is still thriving, as seen in newspapers, television, radio, billboards and other traditional media. Content marketing still plays an important role in establishing and maintaining online exposure. Traditional marketing offers a sense of tangibility and reliability to the consumer, and reaches an audience without regular access to the internet.

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"the African continent’s marketing growth is exploding. "


"The digital marketing industry presents opportunities for businesses to emerge and to perform well in the media markets"