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Innovative cloud-based Payroll Software Solution

Africa HR solutions is proud to have partnered with a comprehensive HR and payroll software system developed by a team of African and international specialists with a wealth of experience in the field. This latest partnership provides a more technology-based Software system that is more than just payroll. An entire cloud-based online HR platform that can not only process your payroll, but also manage your people’s leave, training and development needs and schedules, time and attendance, social benefits and other tailored services. This is the future of payroll software and the future is now.


The SAAS solution that requires no IT or hardware is mobile and easily deployed. Built on robust Oracle technology with a data centre based in Europe, our system is open to Netsuite and other web-based interfaces.


Regardless of the scale and complexity of your business, our payroll software solution will give you an edge in effectively managing your most valuable ‘resource’ – your employees. It is a subscription based software and is available online. The main characteristics and benefits of this approach are limited upfront capital expenditures, higher security, lower maintenance costs and fast implementation, with rapid ROI.

The partnered company employs over 70 staff across 2 continents, has been in the business for 13 years and is supporting 120 customers in their payroll software and support needs. There is a help desk ready to assist customers with any queries or problems they might have.


With a hands-on and customer-centric approach to the consulting, implementation, development and after-sales support, the team is available to help and assist you from beginning to end. The customisable features of the software are truly innovative and have an array of other HR functions that can be accessed from the system.

Integrated HR management at the touch of a button

Features include: time management, leave request and approval, training, social benefits, recruiting/onboarding and performance management that coexist between employee, manager and HR roles.

The software is versatile and allows access from PC, tablet and mobile devices.

Our software offers all advantages of a SaaS platform. It also handles the underlying systems and software. Maintenance and upgrades are also taken care of, and all functionalities are available over the Web. Continuous development allow the platform to evolve, with new features added incrementally. The solution does not require IT involvement, while the most innovative trends are being incorporated into the solution over time.

Based in Europe, Made for Africa

This payroll software solution comes with a predefined set of African Payroll legislations and more African legislations are being added to the platform over time. Such legislation contains taxation and social insurance rules and also includes legal reports. Punctual follow up of legislative changes are part of the services it delivers within the overall agreement. Such legislation’s exist, for example, in Morocco, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Rwanda, Kenya, Cameroon, Mali, Uganda, Mauritius, Namibia, Botswana, Ethiopia, South Africa and is growing significantly.

This software also includes pre-configured reports, monitoring dashboards and possibility to generate PDF documents. The standard reports can be extended and customized at will, based on the Interactive Reports technology of the underlying platform. Filters can be applied at run time, exports in several formats can be generated, and the grouping of data happens by a few clicks.

In essence this tool allows you to manage your HR activity at the click of a button so you can make the right decisions. A smooth, streamline, easy to use and cost-effective payroll software solution. Speak to us today to see how we can streamline your human resources for you and make your payroll simpler, better and faster.

To find out how you can benefit from this service, visit our website.

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