How should African mines outsource power?

The mining industry has always been one of the most important economic activities of the continent despite multiple setbacks. 2017 as a “windfall” for international investors, this was one of the numerous themes discussions from the annual Mining Indaba conference as well as theme subject, the mines power supplies. According to experts, power distributions cover a quarter section of Africa which is clearly not enough. How to overcome this issue with the existing limitations of infrastructures, a consequent barrier to the continent’s development. A high number of African mines provide their own energy suppliers, causing the energy reliability to be meagre as well as unanticipated disapproval from mine workers.

Mining openings are often located in remote areas and the conditions, sometimes terrifying. This is the reason why mining companies are looking to invest in advanced power providers, eco-friendly power plants which can be easily carried, set in place and ready for use. These power plants or turbines as we call it, could reduce several issues within natural resources destructions due to mineral extractions. A type of power plant which can be used as a regular cost, including fixed-charges for access to the producing holding power and a changeable cost for the power used. These mobile fast-track power plants are the ideal solutions for mining activities due to its efficacity, full-time service and ease of mobility.

Hiring and managing a proficient and qualified work force is essential for the good functioning of these power-plants turbines is of another story and a sidestep to provide customers with a rapid entryway to these power supplies. Good trainings are required to run the turbines, a prosper motive to boost the employment facilities in these industries among local communities and international professionals.

Which African countries need the most of power supplies?

Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi and Zimbabwe are countries who suffer from this lack of power supplies. These African countries would need a hand to become self-reliant in terms of power supplies.

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