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mobile devices

Wari’s digital financial services platform

Wari’s digital financial services platform operates with Lycaremit to add low-cost fund transfers to its network across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Through its payments platform, Senegal-based Wari has provided access to financial services, having built a network of more than 700,000 outlets around the world.



Founded in 2017, Spleet allows homeowners to rent rooms to vetted individuals, as opposed to the normal one or two-years advance payment options, due to the need to find rentals with flexible payment options in Lagos, while also helping individuals easily find places to stay.

Spleet has seen a positive uptake of its renter product in Nigeria, and currently has a retention rate of 96% with its long stay spaces and an average stay of 11 months.

debo engineering

Debo designs & develops good engineering options for the agricultural sector

The Start-up banks on applied engineering focused on newly developed applied sciences such as ML, synthetic intelligence, IoT, image processing, cellular computing, and large-scale information.

Debo Engineering has developed an app that routinely detects and classifies plant ailments by image detection as soon as an algorithm runs the image.


Launch of the World Remit Entrepreneurs Program

Global digital money transfer service, World Remit, announced the launch of the World Remit Entrepreneurs Program in Zimbabwe and then three other African countries- Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria.

The program highlights the company’s commitment to facilitate development in Africa by creating the opportunity to support and empower small businesses to grow their businesses starting in November 2020 till the end of January 2021.

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