Increasing your business productivity in Africa

Increasing productivity generally leads to an increase in profitability. For many businesses, this means finding different ways to reduce costs or alternative ways to streamline processes. But what if you could spend less money on managing your workforce? What if you could get more time, to get more done?

If this is what you are looking for, then Africa HR Solutions is your next business partner in Africa!

How can Africa HR Solutions make your business more productive

The main objective of Africa HR Solutions is to help you manage your business the smart way. We provide services that enable your company to cut back on the administrative workload. This enables you to lay more emphasis on profit-generating activities.

Africa HR Solutions has built a team of highly qualified professionals that handles most of the highly time-consuming activities. Our framework keeps you up to date on paperwork, tax compliance, workforce management and immigration assistance. In general, our services are geared to help you avoid missed deadlines, penalty fees and fines.

9 Practical Services Africa HR Solutions Provides

  • Professional Employer Organization (PEO solutions) – We help you employ your staff on the African continent, without the need for you to have a registered physical entity in the country of assignment.
  • Payroll Processing – Africa HR Solutions can handle the payroll processing, direct deposit, expense management and changes to employee status. Payroll are always processed in a timely manner and reported accordingly.
  • Tax Compliance – Different countries in Africa normally have different tax requirements and regulations in place. Regardless of where your business is on the African continent, Africa HR Solutions handles your tax procedures and payments.
  • Immigration Assistance – Requirements for issuing a visa or work permit may vary depending on the country. We have in country experts to assist on-board workers in the country of assignment, which greatly reduce risks of denial.
  • Offshore Payment Facilities – Africa HR Solutions facilitates offshore invoicing and payments to you expatriate employees. Our facilities are extremely effective to achieve strategic operational gains and reduce costs.
  • Medical Insurance Cover – We ensure that the best medical insurance packages are offered to your workers. Repatriation services are also available. All these are made possible through strategic partnerships with multinational insurance companies.
  • Employment Outsourcing – Africa HR Solutions enable you to hire employees in countries where you do not have a registered entity or where you are not allowed to hire for any reason. We act as the Employer of Record.
  • Benefits Administration – We provide comprehensive benefit plans according for your employees according to the laws of your country of assignment.
  • Salary Surveys – Africa HR Solutions has partnered with Birches Group to provide salary surveys across Africa. This enables you to offer competitive packages to attract and retain talent on the African continent.
  • Donor Fund Administration (for NGOs) – Through our extensive tried and tested network in more than 50 African countries we can provide peace of mind that the Donor funds are being utilized in the predetermined manner.

How to get started in Africa?

Africa HR Solutions is a major player on the African Continent. We help businesses from around the world enter and prosper in Africa. We also offer services to businesses already operating in Africa.

We can provide you with a tailormade, obligation-free quote for your project in Africa.

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