Africa: Expats and cost of living

Business? Leisure? Family matters? Have you ever been tempted to move in one of the African countries?

Relocating to Africa has always been a decision to think twice because it does not have the easiest of the relocations due to the bad images distributed by media coverages. Compared to what is being said, Africa is a warm-hearted land, exotic with vast possibilities of growth. Unfortunately, because of political corruption, economic instabilities and violence issues, the lands remained vastly undeveloped in contrast with European nations for example.

As a resource-rich continent, expats have the possibility to live their dream lives due to the cheap cost of livings which exist. Depending on where you move, relocating to cradle of humankind shall bring you one of the best adventures of your life. According to your affordability, Africa HR Solutions selected a panel of the cheapest African countries, where you could consider living a peaceful and unforgettable experience, knowing that Uganda was ranked the best expat living destination of Africa in 2016.

South Africa

Cape Town, one of the most beautiful cities of the continent has taken the country to another level, arousing the curiosity of the most prestigious international investors, thanks to the amazing landscapes.


The economy in Zambia has considerably progressed in its annual GDP however slowed down due to the depreciation of the kwacha and to a fall in copper prices.


The Algerian territory is famous for its natural resources, ranked 10th in natural reserves and 6th as largest gas exporter despite the economy being ruled by the state.


Tunisia has been the success story of Africa with market oriented businesses.


Despite experiencing public revolts due to political insecurities, Egypt has managed to offer expats a cheaper cost-of-living in terms of food, housing, transports, entertainment and personal care.


With a population of more than 30 million inhabitants, industries such as aerospace, mining and manufacturing has propelled Morocco as a top expat destination, offering multiple of employment facilities in various sectors.

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