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Africa HR Solutions Ltd is the number 1 Professional Employer Organization (PEO) company in Africa that aims to provide its clients with the best employment and payroll outsourcing solutions across the continent. Based in Mauritius, but working for you in over 50 African countries.

How we make doing business in Africa easier for you

  1. Africa HR Solutions knows that running a business is not an easy task, especially when it comes to launching in new countries. We provide you a comprehensive employment and payroll service solution in more than 50 African countries so you can explore opportunities in developing markets.
  2.  We focus on the business of employment, so you can focus on the business of growth and success.
  3. In the last 10 years, the scenario surrounding compliance in African countries has changed dramatically. We are specialists in labor laws across the continent which makes it easier for companies to centralize on their core business duties while being fully compliant and transparent.
  4. Africa HR Solutions is your central point of contact for all your queries across the continent. One stop shopping for all your projects no matter how complicated it may be.
  5. As a partner for growth, Africa HR Solutions can simplify the process to hire an employee in a new country or deploy a team of people, to allow you the freedom to test new markets within Africa without investing in a new entity.

How we have helped our clients to grow in Africa?

Our client, a multinational headquartered in Amsterdam, who specializes in electronics, healthcare, and lighting was able to take the leap and launch its business in Nigeria through partnering with Africa HR Solutions. We assisted them to grow from 1 employee to 40 in under two years and achieved outstanding progress. Through our integrated partnership, our client has identified the need to develop its global products for off-grid communities. Around 600 hundred million people in Africa are currently living off-the-grid and our client is addressing this through its portfolio of products. They have now launched in two new African countries since then.

Africa HR Solutions works with many NGO’s in helping them to address the social or political issues. Their work is hugely important in alleviating diseases and humanitarian setbacks across the dark continent.  Their mission is to ‘doing good’ while setting aside profit. Africa HR Solutions is assisting them in this mammoth task and it’s something we are proud of.  We work with over 30 NGO’s and counting.

Whether you belong to the mining, oil & gas, banking & finance, construction, forestry, engineering, agriculture, IT & Telecom, NGO sectors, or consumer goods and products industry, we’ll provide you the best services tailor made for your company and objectives.

To find out how we can bring your business to Africa, contact our new Sales and Marketing Director, Clinton Ross on (+230) 465 3100 or via email: [email protected]

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