Africa HR Solutions values employment relationships in Africa

Firmly implemented as the preferred Professional Employment Outsourcing specialist throughout Africa, Africa HR Solutions Ltd is the payroll and employment expert, taking care of employment and human resources practices daily. Africa HR Solutions values employment relationships along with social security costs, social benefits and statutory rights sustained to the employees as we prevail businesses to centralize on their core business duties.

Why choosing us among all other payroll service providers?

We secure the employment of your workers without delay on a local payroll. We make formal statements of all the relevant details to you as well as providing monthly invoices.

Labour force flexibility

Enticing contractors through Employment of Record services has proved to be a compelling way of responding to inconstancies as well as personnel demand.

Growth without cost

We focus our knowledge only in Africa which means that you can extend your manpower into new African regions without the inconvenience of building up a new branch.

Swift start

Whether you are looking to employ a worker who’s out-of-the way in a brand new African region or to broaden your services across the continent, Africa HR solutions shall allow you to carry out business without the administration costs, expenses and delays related with extending into some new African lands.

Administration downplay

Africa HR solutions Ltd takes care of your onboarding and payroll management for workers.


We make sure that your employees are paid on time so that you focus completely on ruling your business.

Local expertise

Africa HR Solutions Ltd has the ability to provide its services all over the world. Therefore, we have a broad understanding of African labour laws.


Once you are familiar with the salary and benefits you want to propose to your employees, we make recommendations over your costs and your local requirements.

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