Africa HR Solutions Is Headline Sponsor Of The Global Payroll Awards 2022

Africa HR Solutions is proud to announce that we are the headline sponsors for the Global Payroll Association’s prestigious Global Payroll Awards in 2022!

We are honoured to be recognised as a partner to the Global Payroll Association, which aims to support and connect global payroll experts, to establish the consistent, accurate and compliant implementation of worldwide payroll processes.  The Global Payroll Association are, “Passionate and dedicated champions of all things payroll and, most importantly, are champions of the people in payroll.” Their award ceremony is the only event that recognises professionals who uphold payroll excellence across the globe.

Africa HR Solution’s Managing Director, Edan Latzelsberger shares, “We are delighted to sponsor such a prestigious event and are proud to contribute towards the GPA team’s continuous efforts to celebrate and champion the global payroll industry.”

Award Categories

Various award categories recognise payroll professionals, providers, and systems. The thirteen categories can be seen below:

  1. Automation and Integration
  2. Transformation Project of the Year
  3. Employer Of Record of the Year
  4. Global Payroll Supplier of the Year
  5. In-Country Payroll Provider of the Year
  6. Payroll Manager of the Year
  7. Payroll Innovation Award
  8. International Payments Provider of the Year
  9. Payroll Software Supplier of the Year
  10. Payroll Specialist of the Year
  11. Payroll Student of the Year
  12. Payroll Team of the Year
  13. Payroll Consultant of the Year

Check out the shortlisted candidates.

The ceremony’s process and selection criteria for category winners

Shortlisted candidates will participate in a panel discussion with five judges. These judges have been carefully selected based on their experience with payroll practices across various industries and public services. As leaders in their fields, the panel of judges understand what it takes to achieve excellence and are seeking to recognise candidates and service providers that demonstrate exemplary leadership, teamwork, and cutting-edge innovative practices.

The importance of this event for global payroll operations

Accurate payroll is recognised as one of the fundamental processes in the operation of a successful organisation. However, the role payroll plays in the effective expansion of global companies is often overlooked. Organisations that are expanding globally, particularly into countries in Africa, must consider significant factors such as how to uphold compliance and data privacy, as well as ensuring alignment to best practices in sometimes unstable political or economic contexts.

  • Compliance: Countries with disparate geographies have vastly different labour laws, which impact the way statutory contributions, employer deductions and salaries are calculated. Organisations need to understand and align to these laws to remain compliant in their country of operation.
  • Data privacy and protection: Increasingly, payroll practitioners must ensure that the methods of capturing and storing employee personal data are aligned to country-specific Data Protection & Privacy laws. Should this not happen, organisations are liable to legal and financial penalties, and may damage their reputation as a service provider and employer of choice in the consumer and labour market respectively.

Given these considerations, organisations need to ensure they partner with payroll service providers who are local experts and aligned with global norms of quality and accuracy in their profession.

African payroll operations

Many African countries are undergoing exceptional growth, with booming industries and an upcoming young and skilled workforce. However, many African countries still have high barriers to entry, as well as challenging legal and tax systems. As such, it is imperative to partner with a service provider that is local to not one, but multi-countries in Africa, and can apply their ‘on-the-ground’ knowledge of best practice.

As the headline sponsor of the Global Payroll Awards 2022, Africa HR Solutions hopes to be a torchbearer for the global payroll industry, as well as the African market. Africa HR Solutions hopes to facilitate business investment opportunities, highlight social aid needs and encourage the development of African infrastructure and economies. Africa HR Solutions aims to connect the world to the possibilities of Africa’s markets through our fully compliant, Africa-focused services.

Africa HR’s promise

Africa HR Solutions provides an integrated, compliant, accurate, and cloud-based payroll system for businesses expanding into Africa. We master the specifics, providing a seamless service through:

  • One database for all payroll and HR data
  • Single-source, real-time insights into the business
  • Local expertise and excellence

As the leading provider of payroll services across the African continent, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner for our clients in over 22 industries across 45 African . We seek to help you discover, explore, and facilitate your smooth business expansion in Africa, safely and securely.

Our services include:

  • Payroll & Tax processing
  • Employer Of Record (EOR) services
  • Cross-border payments
  • Insurance and ancillary offerings
  • Salary Surveys

Find out more about Africa HR’s payroll solutions.

Interested in the Global Payroll Association awards?

The event will be hosted in Dublin, Ireland on the 22nd of September at The Round Room – Mansion House, Dawson Street, Dublin 2, Ireland from 7pm to 1am BST. We look forward to meeting you and your team at Mansion House in Dublin.