How to Attract and Retain Employees in Africa: 5 Tips for Maximum Retention!

Attract and retain employees

In an attempt to understand how to attract and retain employees in Africa, Deloitte’s conducted a research entitled Spotlight on Africa; HR and Global Mobility trends and approaches in Africa. 80% of South African companies without a presence in other African countries interviewed for this report stated their intention to build this presence within the coming year.

While global mobility can often be mistakenly reduced to a trans-continental phenomenon, inter-continental expansion is also a great part of this promising equation. As African companies also throw their hat in the ring of global mobility, they strengthen competition on local job markets between local companies, others from the same continent, and overseas multinationals. How can your company remain competitive in such a context? The answer is to know your talents’ worth and show them you care. Here are 5 concrete steps that show employees that you take talent seriously.

How to attract and retain employees via Onboarding

Onboarding is the very first step of your joint journey with your new employee. Use it to make the best first impression! A company that is ill-prepared to welcome new hires can damage trust and dampen enthusiasm at the budding stages of this new relationship. This is why planning and preparation are of the essence. The right onboarding experience will light-heartedly, yet properly guide the employee through codes of conduct, rules and regulations, and expectations of the company, whilst providing them with the right equipment, and a welcoming workstation. These basics are best complemented by a mentor, access to physical and online resources, and the proper technical assistance to set up their post and answer any practical questions.

It seems like a time-consuming task… Because it is! And this is why Africa HR Solutions is ready to step in and make this process breezy to start this exciting new collaboration on the right foot. Our experienced teams devised efficient processes that make onboarding an enjoyable and interesting step that allows your new talents to be up to speed with your company’s culture, requirements, and rules, while providing them with all the equipment they need.

Create a positive employee experience

So, your employees have had a great induction and are hard at work. How do you keep contributing to a good employee experience? Many tools can help, but the one of the best ways to maintain a good level of engagement from your employees is to swiftly respond to their queries. It might seem like a colossal task, especially for your limited HR staff. That’s why it is very practical to split these duties between technology and staff.

You may start by giving your employees access to self-service platforms that will show them you invest in user-friendly technology that benefits them. It will also empower them and give them better autonomy as they conduct simple, yet important tasks such as asking for leave, requesting payslips or filing insurance documents for reimbursements which are made easy and quick.

You may then leave the more complex issues and queries to dedicated professionals who provide in-country assistance to your workers.

Africa HR offers you an array of solutions to boost employee experience, including access to self-service platforms and HR professionals to handle in-country worker assistance, leaving your staff the leeway to focus on core business activities.

Incentivize talent as best you can

In a huge market of opportunities, salary is the cake, and benefits are the icing on top that sets your offer apart. From perks such as remote work, attractive compensation offers, complete insurance and other pension packages, revenues are now a comprehensive issue that allows your company to stand out thanks to creative solutions. 

With a proven track record in over 46 African countries, Africa HR unlocks your access to the best partners of the continent in the fields of insurance, pension and other benefits to create impressive employment packages.

Run flawless payroll for top satisfaction

It is impossible to underestimate the fundamental importance of good payroll administration. Pay your employees late? They will be dissatisfied. Let a miscalculation slip as you compensate for overtime? It will have the compounded disadvantage of portraying your company in an unprofessional light. As you go back to the very roots of employment, you know that the remaining structure of your company rests on this key function. So, how can you consolidate it, to give off an image of stability and professionalism? 

Digitalisation is the answer. Digitalising your payroll allows for swift and timely processing, while minimising the likelihood of miscalculations and mistakes. At Africa HR, our experts in payroll administration use SAGE, a cloud-based platform to fully shoulder this key responsibility and rise to our clients’ expectations. 

Stay compliant and keep a golden track record

Expanding into a country means abiding by its employment and taxation laws, while keeping abreast of new changes. Doing so is crucial. First, because lack of compliance comes at a financial cost (because of potential fines, and, in the worst case, litigation). Secondly, because it heavily impacts your reputation. Failure to comply with certain laws regarding social security contributions, the right to sick leave, or, worse, occupational health and safety will negatively impact your ability to attract talent.

This is why Africa HR offers its services as an Employer of Record. Delegating such a function to a professional organization not only lightens your duties, it also eliminates your legal liability. As the legal employer of your workforce, Africa HR, as an EOR will solely bear the responsibility of compliance and its legal implications. As the guardian of this key index of professionalism, we aim to foster even greater trust between your company and its employees.

Following these 5 tips are the key to creating a great working environment that will foster loyalty, trust and satisfaction within your workforce. It will also contribute to your good reputation on the job market, and position you as an employer of choice… And that’s how you attract and retain employees in Africa!

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