Salary Surveys: A new frontier of information

Salary Surveys: A new frontier of information

Africa HR solutions in partnership with Emergence Growth is now offering Salary Surveys across Africa as an added-value offering to its clients.

Along with the other daunting tasks of tackling various HR services in the dark continent, such as recruitment, Employment, and Payroll to name a few, how would one know what earnings are relevant in various countries across Africa?

Whether it’s a Truck Driver in Uganda or a Mining Engineer based in Cameroon, we can provide you the up-to-date realistic salary expectations of those positions across Africa. Africa HR Solutions, a company that provides PEO or Umbrella Services such as employment outsourcing, payroll management and immigration solutions in more than 50 countries in Africa is now in partnership with Emergence Growth, a reputable international business offering Salary Surveys in Africa.  Emergence Growth is a trusted source of actionable information on compensation in developing markets. Thousands of decision-makers at leading multinational companies and international organizations rely on them to deliver the facts and simplify the challenges of a solid salary in developing countries.

Whether its Oil & Gas, Healthcare, FMCG, Engineering and construction, Mining, Biotechnology, NGO’s, Financial Services, IT and Telecoms or transport and logistics, speak to Africa HR for the latest and up-to-date salary advice for various positions from executive to a worker.

In order to make sure the data is relevant and credible; the company will gather survey data from participating employers using data gathering interviews.  These one-on-one conversations are conducted either over the phone or in-person with a survey specialist, resulting in a fast and easy process for data submission.

The African markets include a myriad of cash allowances and in-kind benefits, which vary by country, and even by the employer in the same country.  Unlike other surveys, we capture all of the allowances and in-kind benefits offered and can associate these benefits to individual positions.

Our surveys include information on all common components of remuneration, including:

  • Base salary
  • Guaranteed payments
  • Short-term incentives
  • Cash allowances (e.g., housing, transport)
  • Meals, cafeteria, beverages
  • Company products
  • Subsidized loans
  • Recreational activities
  • Various other in-kind benefits

In addition to the above allowances and benefits, we also capture prevalence information about other benefits and policies, including:

  • Retirement schemes such as company pensions, savings, and provident funds
  • Health insurance, life insurance, and other insurance benefits
  • National social security schemes and labor law provisions
  • Family benefits
  • Leave benefits

All data is reported on both a gross (before-tax) and net (after-tax) basis.

Contact us today for a professional approach to Salary Surveys across Africa.

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