Lesotho Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Africa HR Solutions provides PEO services (Professional Employer Organization) for organizations that want to hire expats and local nationals in Lesotho. We enable you to run payroll without first establishing a branch office or subsidiary in Lesotho. Your workforce is hired according to local labor laws. 


As an African PEO expert, Africa HR Solutions manages employment contract best practices and guarantees 100% compliance for your workers in Lesotho.

What should I know about Lesotho?

Somehow linked with South Africa, the economy of Lesotho is based on agriculture, livestock, manufacturing and mining. However, the manufacturing industry is now the leading sector in the country with the export of clothing, textile, and leather. Lesotho is grateful in natural resources water and diamonds, are both extracted and is exported. Even if the mining and energy sector does not have a developed industry, Lesotho is a source of diamond and among the country’s export. However, the tourism industry is an expanding sector, with the national parks, the panoramas and natural activities it offers, Lesotho as a dream destination.

Interesting facts about Lesotho

Lesotho is home to the highest altitude pub in Africa at 2874 metres above sea level. It’s located right at the border with South Africa, and the end of the iconic Sani Pass (or the beginning if you come from Lesotho). A cold beer is very welcome when driving this scenic pass starting in South Africa and to top it all off, you’ll have an amazing view from the top (while sipping that cold beer).


Major Imports


Building materials



Packaged medicaments

Petroleum products

Major Exports:



Trading Partners:

South Africa


Hong Kong



Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

$5.3 billion

2% growth

5% 5-year annual growth

$2,764 per capita

Unemployment Rate: 26.2%

Global Ranking in Economy Progress 2016: 152nd


Maseru is the official capital city of Lesotho and the largest city
of the country situated along the Caledon River in the south. It is an
administrative town where the political and commercial activities are
held. The town of Maseru will offer to its visitors a variety of
restaurants, craft markets and some numerous outdoor activities such as
trekking, hiking, horse rides, national parks and unique colonial
infrastructures. Everything you need for a perfect time in this
beautiful and safe country.


Lesotho loti


Lesotho has two official languages, English and Sotho. Both are
widely spoken by the population. However, English is kept for official
functions for example when dealing with international business duties
and the Sotho language is used in politics, religion, and media.

The Top 10 Places to Visit in Lesotho

Tse’hlanyane National Park

Katse Dam and Botanical Garden

Sanni Pass and The Highest Divider

Semonkong Falls

Thaba Bosiu

Kome Cave Dwellings

Dinosaur Footprints

Rock Art

Real Bell’s Tower

Sehlabathebe National Park

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