Equatorial Guinea


Equatorial Guinea is a Western African country. A former Spanish colony, it is bordered by Cameroon and Gabon and one of the smallest country of the African continent. Gained independence in October 1968 and now has a population which might reach 882 963 inhabitants by 2017. The natural increase is set to be positive. Discover the beautiful shores of this country, this land of primates where any visitors or expats shall enjoy the spectacular flora and fauna.

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Gross Economy Development (GDP)

  • $25.1 billion
  • -3.1% growth
  • – 0.2% 5-year annual growth
  • $32, 266 per capita

Unemployment Rate: 7.9%

Global Ranking in Economy Progress: 170th


Malabo is the capital city of Equatorial Guinea. Known as an oil town, the refineries, tankers and oil platforms makes the pride of the people. Also a relaxing town for expats and tourists, they shall enjoy the long walks towards the city and to wander, explore the colonial architectures built by the Spanish colonies.


Central African CFA franc


Spanish and French are both the official languages of Equatorial Guinea but Spanish is the most widely spoken.


The discovery and exploitation of oil and gas reserves have dramatically contributed to the economic growth of Equatorial Guinea. Playing a major role on the oil prices, the economy of the country depends on this industry. However, the agricultural industry employs the majority of the population with forestry, farming and fishing contributing to the major economy of the country, with subsistence farming, a predominant occupation in Equatorial Guinea.

Interesting Fact about Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is the only independent country in Africa with Spanish as an official language.