Liberia - Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Africa HR Solutions provides Liberia PEO services (Professional Employer Organization) for organizations that want to hire expats and local nationals in Liberia. We enable you to run payroll without first establishing a branch office or subsidiary in Liberia. Your workforce is hired according to local labor laws. 

As a Liberia PEO expert, Africa HR Solutions manages employment contract best practices and guarantees 100% compliance for your workers in Liberia.

What should I know about tax in Liberia?

About payroll

When operating in Liberia, one is going to experience one of the most complex payroll and tax systems in Africa. Establishing a local entity and processing payroll is difficult. It may be a major roadblock for any employers and employees. If you’re a temporary contractor or a permanent employee, you’ll need support. An employee needs to be paid in Liberia. Managing the Liberian payroll is an expertise which Africa HR Solutions provide to its clients.

Taxes in Liberia

Moving to a new country is never simple. If you’re a contractor or a permanent employee in Liberia, you have to pay taxes on your revenues when you’re working in the country. When contracting with Liberia, it means there are several issues which you have to face such as a new tax system. Africa HR Solutions can help you towards your taxes.

PEO in Liberia with Africa HR Solutions

Africa HR Solutions provides Professional Employment Outsourcing services (PEO) in Liberia and takes charge of the HR and administration roles. We also offer Liberia Mining PEO Mining Payroll Solutions and payroll for the Engineering, Construction and NGO sectors.

Why do we outsource?

It is the fastest way to hire an employee in a new country

No immediate requirement to incorporate a local company

As the legal Employer of Record, we are highly invested in a productive and compliant HR relationship with the overseas employees, ensuring minimal severance and termination issues

The ability to test a new market with minimal investment; although your employee may be employed through us permanently

Alignment between our interests and yours

It allows you to focus on your core business

Major Exports:

Iron Ore, Passenger and Cargo Ships, Rubber, Wood, Diamonds, Gold

Major Trading Partners:

China, France, Poland, Spain, Germany, Belgium, USA, Singapore, India

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

7 billion

5% growth

2% 5-year annual growth

$882 per Capita

Unemployment rate: 3.8%
Global Ranking in Economy progress 2016: 143rd

Monrovia is the capital city of Liberia in honor of the president James Monroe, president of the United States. It is the most populated city in Liberia and is home to the cultural, political and economic resources.


The Liberian Dollar ($) is the official currency since 1943 and is issued by the Central Bank of Liberia.


The English language is the first recognized language in the country but it exists more than 20 indigenous languages which are spoken in the country.


Liberia is a poor country. Depending on various foreigners’ aid and abroad investments, economy in Liberia is static and fights to stay above the level. The agricultural sector plays a significant role in the economy of Liberia because it employs a majority of Liberians, around 62 % of the local population.

Interesting Fact about Liberia

Liberia holds the record of the longest stable rule by a single political party—from 1877 to 1980, by the quaintly named True Whig Party. Founded in 1869, it was dominated by a ruling elite descended from black settler families who traced their origins to the United States.

Here at Africa HR, We Offer A Professional Employment Outsourcing (PEO) Facility.

We provide businesses with wide range of human resources services which includes:

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