Mali - Employer of Record (EOR)

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Africa HR Solutions offers Mali Employer of Record solutions to businesses that want to recruit workers and process payroll without establishing a branch office or subsidiary in Mali. Your employees are hired by Africa HR Solutions Mali Employer of Record (EOR Mali) in accordance with local labor laws and can be on-boarded within days rather than the weeks it usually takes. The new worker is assigned to work on your team, working on your company’s behalf just like he or she was your employee.

As always, we guarantee 100% compliance for your business in Africa.


Overview of Mali

Mali is located in Africa and has a population of 20,855,724. The capital city of Mali is Bamako which has a population of 2,817,000. Mali was the cradle of the Empire of Ghana, West Africa’s first black empire.

New Year’s Day

Martyrs’ Day

Easter Monday

Whit Monday

Africa Day

Eid al-Fitr

Eid al-Adha

Independence Day

The Prophet’s Birthday

Christmas Day

In Mali, employment contracts can be oral or written, but it is best practice to put a strong, written contract in place, in French, which spells out the terms of the employee’s compensation, benefits, and termination requirements. An offer letter and employment contract in Mali should always state the salary and any compensation amounts in West African CFA Francs rather than a foreign currency.

How Africa HR Solutions Can Help You in Mali

Our employer of record solution helps companies to run payroll in Mali while Africa HR Solutions takes care of tax calculations, and compliance management issues are lifted from their shoulders and passed on ours. As an African Employer of Record specialist, we manage employment contract best practices, statutory and local norm, employee benefits, and employee expenses, in addition to severance and termination when required.


Also, we keep you apprised of any changes to local employment laws in Mali.

When using our services, your new worker is effective even earlier, since he goes through a stress-free hiring experience. You will have peace of mind knowing you have a team of dedicated employment professionals, backed by years of experience, helping with every hire.


Africa HR Solutions allows you to focus on running efficiently your core business.