Sierra Leone Employer of Record (EOR)

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Africa HR Solutions offers employer of record services to clients that want to hire employees and operate payroll without first setting up a branch office or subsidiary in Sierra Leone. Your applicants are hired by Africa HR Solutions Sierra Leone Employer of Record (EOR Sierra Leone) in agreement with in-country labor laws and can be on-boarded within days rather than the months it usually takes. The new worker is assigned to work on your staff, working on your company’s behalf just as if he or she was your worker.

As always, we guarantee 100% compliance for your business in Africa.


Overview of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a small country in West Africa which borders the Atlantic Ocean. The population of 8,141,343 live mostly in rural areas; most of which are under the age of 50. English is the official language, but each region has its own language as well.

  • New Year’s Day
  • International Women’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Independence Day
  • Eid-ul-Fitr
  • Eid-ul-Adah
  • The Prophet’s Birthday
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
  • Christmas

Fixed-term contracts of up to 12 months are permitted and may be renewed.

It is best practice to put a written employment contract in place in Sierra Leone, in the local language, which spells out the terms of the employee’s compensation, benefits, and termination requirements. An offer letter and employment contract in Sierra Leone should always state the salary and any compensation amounts in Sierra Leonean leone rather than a foreign currency.

The Sierra Leone work week is generally 40 hours. Overtime is paid at an additional 50%; work on rest days is paid at an additional 100%.

In general, employees are entitled to the following paid annual leave:

  • One to five years of employment: 19 days of leave
  • Five to 10 years of employment: 22 days of leave
  • 10+ years of employment: 28 days of leave

In general, employees are eligible for at least 5 paid sick days per year.

Female employees are generally entitled to 12 weeks of paid maternity leave.

Sierra Leone has a contributory Social Security scheme. The total minimum contribution by both the employee and employer is 15% of payroll.

The employee and employer contribute 5% and 10% respectively.

Probationary periods of 3 months for executives and one month for non-executives are permitted and may be renewed.

Employees can terminate a contract with 15 days’ written notice, although technicians must provide two months’ notice.

Employers may terminate employees for just cause with written notice as follows:

  • Executives and similar: 3 months’ notice
  • Monthly paid white-collar workers, blue-collar workers and permanent hourly, daily, or weekly paid staff: 8 days to one month, depending on length of service.


During the notice period, employees are generally entitled to the equivalent of two paid days off per week to seek alternate employment.

Workers are generally eligible for severance pay for each year of service of 25 to 40% of their average wages over the past 12 months. The percentage is based on length of service and the collective bargaining agreement.

How Africa HR Solutions Can Help You in Sierra Leone

Our employer of record service enables organizations to run payroll in Sierra Leone while Africa HR Solutions takes care of taxation, and compliance management matters are lifted out of their shoulders and passed on ours. As an African Employer of Record professional, we handle labor best practices, statutory and local standard, employee benefits, and employee expenditures, in addition to severance and termination if needed.

We also keep you apprised of changes to local employment legislation in Sierra Leone.

When using our solutions, your new worker is productive even sooner, since he goes through a better hiring experience. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you have a group of dedicated employment experts, backed by years of experience, helping with every on-boarding.

Africa HR Solutions allows you to focus on running efficiently your core business.